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Here’s some art news, reviews and misclaneous ramblings from around the world. Let me know if you know of something exciting happening and I might mention it.

  • The Guardian says that Vincent van Gogh painted on tea towels when he didn’t have canvas to paint on.
  • ArtInfo recently did a series of reports on artists and their assistants. I found it interesting as I have always fantasized about having someone to stretch my canvas and clean my brushes!
  • The Art Life blog in Australia looks at art gimmicks and how to get a few minutes of fame.
  • Karl at Art and Perception revisits an old post, talking about painting from photographs; is it good or bad to paint from photographs?
  • BlogCritics thinks that Fernando Botero‘s Abu Ghraib paintings should hang in the Pentagon Art Collection
  • SMH says that an Australian woman will give the Art Gallery of NSW $14 million when she dies. They also say that 70% of bequests to the gallery are from women.
  • NZ Herald reports that James Robinson has won the Paramount prize in the Annual Wallace Art Awards in New Zealand, which gives the artist $35,000 and a six month residency in New York.
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  1. I don’t see what the big deal is if artists choose to use photos (as long as they are their own or used with permission) as references for painting or to copy. So I am always intrigued when it comes up for discussion or debate. The only time I have seen it used with terrible results is when someone with little drawing or painting experience tries it.

  2. ps. I think Botero’s use of abu ghraib photos is a good example of using photos as a reference :)

  3. Yeah, Im kinda over the debate too Jafabrit.

    Personally I dont like paintings that look like photographs (which doesn’t mean I dont like photo-realist paintings), but I also have no problem with using photographs to paint with.

    I use them myself. Or I would if I had a studio to paint in at the moment!

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