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Post test 2. Getting closer. I’m on WordPress. The first design looked good but wasn’t working on my mobile phone at all, so I’m going with this theme that I just installed. It works fine on my phone, how about yours? Are you looking at this on your phone? Let me know in the comments.

This is a giant learning curve for me as I have never had much to do with WordPress. It is SO much better than Blogger though. I don’t think Google are even trying with Blogger.

Anyway, my goal is to have everything working by Monday! I need goals and deadlines or I just wander off and doodle.

Here’s a test of a list.. something which wasn’t working on my first attempt.

  • This is my first point!
  • And this would be my second point.
  • And why not a third point?

How’s that look? Fabulous? I hope so. Ok, what else should I test? How about an image..

Photo of art books

Here’s a photo of some of my art books to see how images work in a post. I was moving them from one room to another.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Hey Dion… Checked out pg for you on my iPhone… Works well :-) easy to navigate.. Jac

    • Oh cool, thanks Jacqui. It was the iPhone I was wondering about mostly as everyone seems to have one. Would like to see it on an iPad too. I’ll have to visit an apple shop.


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