ArT nEwS bLoG iS 5 YeArS oLd!

Art News Blog is FIVE years old. That must make me some kind of blogger or arts writer or something. I’m most comfortable with the “something” label though. Someone called me an art critic recently and I didn’t know how to react. He said it in a way that was supposed to be flattering but I was actually very offended.

If I was forced to label myself it would be Wanderer or Watcher of things. If I had to put something serious on my business card (which I don’t have.. even though ALL artists should have one) it would be Painter.

I’m really not a fan of labels and boxes though. We get too comfortable wearing them and before long we can’t live without them. It doesn’t matter if the label is one of power and influence or it’s one of lack and degradation, we cling to them like our life depends on them. A lot of opportunities are missed and interesting paths not taken because of labels and our fear of peeling them off.

Ok, I’m starting to rant and getting off topic. Happy Birthday Art News Blog!!

Thanks for reminding me Woo ;-)

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.



  2. Happy Birthday! Love reading your blog!

  3. Congratulations – no mean feat lasting that long….

  4. Congratulations and thank you for an enjoyable read!

  5. Congratulations and wish you many more birthdays for your blog!

  6. Yer gettin old dude. or younger with the title type getting more teenager texty. Time to hit the road, and post your discoveries.
    and congrats son. I thought you were more a collector or presenter, as you share discoveries on your unplanned walkabouts.

    Enjoy, Cali is burning though. right above the best gardens in the state, but are safe, for now. Been 100 degrees F, guess you blokes can relate. Earthquakes, fires and mudslides, its the Cali lifestyle. Watershortages too.


  7. Five years. Not bad going. Happy birthday.

  8. nice good work

  9. hana christy steinberg says:

    5 years is good! I guess my blog needs a birthday party, too. Hope to be 5 one day! Hana Christy Steinberg

  10. Heehee!! : ))

  11. woo hoo happy 5 years blogging, that is quite a feat in the blogging world.

    I can’t say I thought of you as an art critic but more an artist with an interest in the arts. I hear you about the labeling though. It is interesting how uncomfortable some get when they can’t put you in a neat box or category :)

  12. Well done on making 5!

  13. Happy B-day Great blog, a real achievement. Keep having fun.

  14. Congrats-here’s to at least 5 more!

  15. Happy Birthday! Keep going strong! Your little “rant” at the end wasn’t out of place and actually touched a chord with me. Thanks again for all that you share.

  16. Well done 5 years blogging is a while.

    P.S. it’s making me feel old I’ve been reading this blog a while too!

  17. Thanks all :-)

    Donald, it’s my celebratory text, not my teen I do need to hit the road though!

    Helly, that makes me feel even older :-P

  18. Some of us age well, like a good wine. You, and especially Helly, are looking pretty damn good. Keep up whatever you are doing, and I do like the more expressionist Dionysus style. The older one has the beginnings of musicality in its organic geomoetry, keep on going. As you add color, harmony, it will take off from the singular melody and bouyant rhythm it has now.

    Met an excellent Persian woman artist at my last group show, someone stole all her large paintings as she was coming in an exchange program three years ago, Iranian art is huge in Dubai and got “lost” in shipping, and just showing again with new work, which I need to photograph and help her with a website. Like most good artists, never went to art school, a philosophy major like Diebenkorn and most others, most artists got into art late after learning real world skills, and ideas. Cezanne and Matisse took law first.

    Though most philosophy majors are kinda nuts these days, deconstructionists nonsense, existential being cool, and other fashionable trendies. Very painterly, will send you some when I fix up the bad photos she has, which may be impossible or reshoot them. Also an excellent Korean woman, both very painterly. Surface seems to be the thing now over line and harmony of color, but these two pull it off.

    I seem to be following in your shoes, also met two very good painters on Brians site, where the hell did he go? One Klee-ish guy in NYC from LA who was a musican and electrician first,and the other an African slant on CoBrA. I like her colors better than most ot those guys, who I do give credit to for actually creating art, but only truly like two of them.

    As far as wine I looked it up, and Shiraz is actually the capital of Fars, Persia. They made excellent wine til the revolution shut it down. Your Aussies now the cartakers of the pseudo Farsi wine, though we do grow it here in Cali also. Interesting, as they also sold alcohol in Iraq during Saddams time, and are again, now that al-qaeda is somewhat under control.

    These crazy Islamists make it out to be completely dogmatic, and our press, though many of these countries have their own internal issues that lead to extremists of the rich powers that be, and the Islamists who are populists arsinign in the poor and hopless sections. I am still amazed how many are suicide bombers, its is truly unique in history, only the Japanese in WWII of this intensity of instilled and organized insanity.

    Sorry tangents everywhere, been a long week, just slowed down.

    See you soon, let me know the itinerary.


  19. I took a philosophy class once and I just couldnt get into it. I dont know if it was the teacher or my thick head but I couldnt grasp it. I thought I would have loved it as life and how we think fascinates me, but philosophy didnt seem to be about life.. seemed more about mental masturbation.

    And yeah, we still call it shiraz here.. my fave drop actually.. you guys call it syrah.

    Will let you know about the trip. I’m about to come to some kind of conclusion, just not sure what it is yet. Might have to postpone it and come by myself.. will see what happens. Tax man is making me dance to his music at the moment.

  20. Yeah I don’t think there are any secrets re the ageing process unless you count tea, cake, sleep and vodka!

  21. Though I am a little late to this party I had to comment and say “Happy Birthday!!”

    I consider Art News Blog a kindred spirit so I am looking forward to the 10th birthday.

  22. A belated Happy Birthday Art News Blog!


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