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An international art magazine that has a very similar name to Art News Blog (just take off the word “blog” and join the first two words together) has kindly asked if I could make it clear that I am not linked to their company in any way.

I thought my bad grammar and holiday snaps might have already alerted readers to that fact that I’m not part of a larger company. But I have agreed to change my logo as the words “art” and “news” are highlighted in my current logo, which could make some think that this is the blog for the ARTnews magazine, which it is not, obviously..

This is the old Art News Blog logo..
Art News Blog logo
I admit I’m not a logo designer, but I don’t want it too complicated anyway. Any feedback on the logos below would be appreciated..

(Logo 1) Here’s the logo that I liked the most..
Art News Blog logo

(Logo 2) Here’s another one that I didn’t like as much.. (it might also emphasize the words “art” and “news” which is what I’m trying to avoid!)
Art News Blog logo

(Logo 3) I liked this one less than the one above..
Art News Blog logo

(Logo 4) And I probably liked this one least of all..
Art News Blog logo

Update : (Logo 5) Tina suggested moving the oval over on the old logo to highlight “news blog”
Art News Blog logo

Update 2: (Logo 6) Christine K suggested some red, which I also like.
Art News Blog logo

Update 3: (Logo 7) Ana suggested this version below.
Art News Blog logo

(Logo 8) Samina suggested this logo..
Art News Blog logo
Update 4: I ended up going with a new version of logo 1 and said more about it in this newer Blog Logo post. Thank you very much to those that helped with the new logo.. I love you all!! ;-)

Are there any logos above that I really shouldn’t use? Any that I SHOULD use? Any changes?

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I think it’s pretty clear that you are not part of that company. Your current logo works well and it is clear. I also like your first choice of alternatives if that helps…

  2. Anonymous says:

    A vote for logo 1 here.

  3. I like logo one. I agree with matt though, there is no confusion except maybe a perceived one by the art mag? The two sites are so obviously different in format, intro and content.

  4. ps. why is it incumbent on you to state your blog has no connection to their magazine when there was no implied connection in the first place?

  5. Anonymous says:

    the last logo reminds me of the youtube logo.
    I think that logo 1 looks best.

  6. I like the first one. The second one may not be as bad if the gradient was different (so that the word “art” was dark and the gradient started with “news”, rather than partway through it).

  7. How about something simpler like changing the inner oval in your current logo to go around ‘news blog’ with art in the other font? Just do a little switch around?

    I know ArtNews and never thought you were related in any way. Ah well. :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Another vote for logo one. And, another reader that was not confused about this site having no relationship to the magazine. Keep up the good work. I like what you do here. -AmyLu in Ohio

  9. number 3 is too new york times-y; number 4 too you tube-y. number 2, nothing special.

    i’m with you: i like number 1

  10. Hi, Dion

    I’d be strongly tempted to tell ArtNews to get stuffed. It can’t claim copyright to the phrase “Art News”, and your title and logo clearly state “Art News Blog”, not “ArtNews Blog”.

    You’ve been on the web for 3 years. How long has ArtNews been kicking around? Five minutes? It should change its name to avoid confusion with yours, if it’s that worried.

    If you give way to these upstarts, they’ll be after me next. If I drop the “Art News” from Coxsoft Art News, everyone will think I’m running a porn site!

    To be honest, I don’t like any of your replacement logos. The best comment so far is simply to move the highlight over the word “blog”, but that wouldn’t look so elegant.

    Anyway, you have made it clear you’re nothing to do with ArtNews. Why not leave it at that? They can’t ask you to put a banner advert on your blog saying “I’m nothing to do with ArtNews”.

    Aw, tell ‘em to….

  11. Thanks for the help all.. I really appreciate it.

    And yeah, I was contacted by the magazine a couple months ago and was completely offended by their letter as it made me look like I was representing myself as being part of their magazine, which is ridiculous.

    After getting mad and plotting revenge for a few hours, I calmed down and couldn’t be bothered wasting my energy, time or money (if it went further), and chose to change my logo. It won’t cost me anything and they say that change is as good as a holliday.

    I should ask that they now let their readers know that they have nothing to do with by putting my new logo on their cover. :-)

    I also wish they hadn’t sent me the letter because I used to like their magazine. I haven’t bought one since..

    Ian, they have been around for nearly one hundred years and are probably a little more cashed up than me, and I just couldn’t be bothered creating a controversy. Life is too short to be caught up in that crap.

    Also, I think I will go with Logo one. I’ll wait a couple days though.


  12. About the logo: why not incorporate a different font for some of the words in the logo. The current logo has no visual impact because of the bland looking font. For instance the word “art” could be changed to one of the “script” fonts

  13. I don’t blame you for feeling offended and no longer wanting to buy or read the magazine. Since you have never implied a connection, even with the use of common words (art news), I feel getting such a letter makes a statement about their character, biz bullies.

  14. New member, long time reader…
    just some thoughts…

    Good call with a logo redesign. Time to chuck the ellipse thingy as they always feel like part of a highschool yearbook solution to logo design or an old tech company. That said, I think No.5 can be cut right off the bat.

    Simple is good as you mentioned. If No.1 is the one you lean towards most, maybe these are some things to think about. Why is the word art in a slight oval and not a perfect circle? Is there another typewriter face that could be used besides courier? Would american typewriter be more appropriate or another slab serif font like Lubalin or Rockwell? What typeface will give your site a branded identity?

    No.2 I feel is actually the cleanest of the logos. I’m not quite sure of the reasoning for the fade or the little dots at the end of the line, or why the line begins mid-R in the word ART? However, this one probably feels to similar to ArtNews because they are also using a san serif face (helvetica) and all lower case “news”.

    No.3 in a box does look very headline newspaper, although you do have the word news in the title and often provide relevant news topics and links. Is there a play on the classic newpaper headline that could be given to this logo to provide a modern twist?

    No.4 I agree feels like youtube with the rounded box. Maybe loosing the rounded box and just keeping that bold Futura-isc typeface would clean it up.

    You might also want to think about the community aspect of your site. Not that web2.0 logo characteristics should be applied with bright colors and rounded type, but the community factor is something that brings a lot to your site. Also, could the dashed lines you have on the site be another element to think about in the logo? You could also think about a logo as an acronym… ala ANB.

  15. This makes me think about other blogs that will be pressured in the future by some bullying company. I thought blogging was a free and democratic medium. Reminds me of the UG boot fiasco. It’s really quite anti-art, this focus on money and control.

  16. Seems kind of silly to me that the Art News magazine people would be so petty. It’s not as though art news is a unique brand or anything. Having said that I do think that a more colourful and eye catching logo would benefit you.

  17. Maybe News+Blog could be one word.
    ART newsblog

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think it shows that maybe ARTnews is a bit scared of the blogsphere. You offer information for free. I’ve not bought one of their magazines in a while, but isn’t it $10 a pop?

    I honestly don’t see why you have to change your logo at all as it is nothing like theirs. They do not own the two words art and news and technically there is a combination of both, artnews. So screw them.

    Your art blog, which is great, is not the only art blog to come under attack either directly or behind the scenes. There are a lot of elitist who have attacked the myartspace blog for what they are doing with all of their artist interviews.

    Apparently certain magazines can’t stand the fact that they have interviewed so many top ranking artists in such a little time and their are rumors that certain publications are warning artists not to bother asking for an interview if they have been interviewed on that blog. I don’t know how true it is, but it is crazy if it is indeed fact.

    Art publications have had a drop in sales since art blogs first stormed the net. Just remember that they can’t control what you write about. Even if you write about an article they publish you still have the right to do so due to the freedom of information act.

    Just another corporation trying to control what we say and do. If they are that scared of you they should hire you. Damn.

    This blog and are two of my preferred reads. Not like that stupid art rag that often covers the same information over and over again.

    I’d keep it the way it is and take them to court if they pursue it again. I’m certain you could get a rival publication to back you. Those journalist from different magazines do not exactly get along.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Furthermore, this has me mad! Why not ask them to pay you off for the struggle of coming up with a new name?

  20. Logo 5

  21. Logo 5

  22. Logo 6 is much better.

  23. Not about the logo (although I like the red one personally), but just a big thanks for your blog. I like the mix of personal photos/stories and local and national art news. Thanks for the time you put into this. Bookmarked!

  24. 6 is great. :)

  25. Definitely logo 6!!! Logo 1 is so boring..

  26. I am liking logo 6 too :)

  27. I like the idea of the red circle, I would use a more rounded font, have a look in:

    Hope this helps.

  28. Thanks Ana. I added your logo to the post. Makes me want to reconsider my decision!

  29. No worries, if you do I’ll be happy to send you the illustrator file. :-) All the best, Ana

  30. Make sure that ArtNews tells their readers they are not connected to you. Did they make you mention this name debarcle? If they did you should charge them for advertising.

    I have a friend who was interviewed for a job there once. The man who interviewed her wore slick slacks and talked about his blueberry or something – I forget what she said now – perhaps I’m mistaken. Anyway this has nothing to do with it.


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