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I’m really good at making lists. I’m a list person. Without lists I watch too much tv, surf the web, or read too much.

I create lists that are too ambitious as I rarely ever complete the jobs on them. Which in some ways shows the masochist in me as I know I’m setting myself up to fail, but in other ways it gets me off my fanny (I have always wanted to use the word “fanny” in a sentence as it makes me laugh. In Australia the fanny is different to what a fanny is in the US).

Here’s my To Do List for Art News Blog this year. I figured if I published the list it would make me more likely to do it.

  • Create or pay for a new blog design. Art News Blog has a pretty ordinary design and it hasn’t changed much in more than 5 years. I might even get a designer to create a new logo. I might even add a little color to the design.
  • Move the blog to another blogging platform. Blogger is making some hosting changes so I figured now might be a good time to jump ship. Not because I don’t like Blogger but because I just want change.
  • Post at least 5 times each week.
  • Allow more guest posts by other bloggers and artists.
  • Monetize the blog. I currently make about $0,000.00 on the blog so it shouldn’t be too difficult to increase that amount. I’m thinking, offer advertising spaces to artists, which might be a challenge as artists are TIGHT, like duck’s ass tight when it comes to spending money on marketing themselves. So I might look at approaching some art supply companies, galleries, art publications or just go the affiliate route.
  • Post reviews on more products. Encourage companies to send products to me (I love receiving gifts in the post) and mention them. It could be win/win/win if done right. I get a surprise in the mail, the company gets exposure, and you learn about a wonderful new product! Competitions could be an option too, where I just tell the company to send the products to a reader of the blog.
  • Respond to emails and comments!! Argh, sorry if I haven’t replied to you! Don’t take it personally, I suck. I do read everything, I just haven’t been replying to much lately.
  • Keep up to date with what is happening and write about it! Pretty straight forward this one, I just have to look at my domain name to remind me;
  • Do more artist profiles. If I find an interesting artist online, I should do a post on them.

Anyone know of reasonably affordable blog designer that can make me a spiffy new blog and tranfer Art News Blog from Blogger to.. umm.. WordPress or that other blogging platform that I can’t think of right now? Perhaps I should see a logo designer first.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy your blog, like many I’m sure.
    Your list sounds fine, but “Post as least 5 times each week” could be a bit much to manage? More regular would be good but I wouldn’t want you to start posting crap just because you feel you ought to post so often. I’m sure your hoped for sponsers would not require that of you either.

  2. Good list! Don’t knock your design too much though. It’s nice and clean as is. Those of us subscribing to the RSS feed might not even be clicking through to it to read it.

    Get some Google Analytics going for you to find out how many visitors you have to support your case for advertising. You’re right though, artists are tight. It’s the nature of the beast.

    I’m a fan of the WordPress format. Whether you host with them or someone else, there are tons of free themes and custom themes can be made any way you like.

    Good luck with your list!

  3. Just a word from a French reader, about the word “fanny”. Would be interesting to look at the meaning in different places… Here we have a turn of phrase : “Baiser Fanny”.Fanny for us is a first name, and when somebody looses, at p├ętanque (french bowling game), this person needs to kiss the ass of Fanny… Only for fun of course! Good luck for your list.
    From France. Regards.

  4. Best of luck with your changes! I enjoy your blog a great deal and look forward to seeing what you do.

  5. I just love the word fanny. Either which way. Now, more seriously. I would love to be able to buy paintings online, but how the hell to find good stuff. Maybe you could get involved somehow as a conduit, taking a cut from the buyer or seller?


  6. Great list! That’s one of the nice things about you and your blog – humor.

  7. Dude! Are you breaking one of your commandments already? Its the third day since you gave them, and no post? Running out of time for that five blogs a week,

    the logo is fine, keep it. And only change hosts if it will get you more money. If you are gonna work taht hard, you deserve it. but no more Christmas sabbaticals!

    Check out our newest blog fight at culture monster, got a guy named Mark Grotjahn who is creating quite a divide between artists and artistes. We need some good slugfests for the undecided to figure out where they stand. but like the comic said, cant fix stupid.

    Check out arnaldo Roche who had a show at MoLAA about a year ago. both love thick paint, the Grotjahn’s very heavily applied with a palette knife, but in long sinuous lines, though applied horizontally in short blended strokes. Very time consuming, but works. Large paintings often about 6′x8′. Also had a woman at a Bergamot Station gallery you would have liked about two months ago. I can look up, but gotta run right now.

    Stick to your credo! Blow this baby up! Not many art blogs wortha damn, most like winklemans self absorbed pseudo intellectual nonsense. And modern Art Notes guy just shut down his chat to get rid of me, wimps. If you cant take dissent your just aint got nuthin worth defending. Let the true culture wars begin! Time to seperate the wheat from the chaf.

  8. haha.. and what about responding to emails and comments here on the blog? :D already breaking the ruuuules.. not good, not good!

  9. I wish you a lot of luck with a changeover. Would love to know your thoughts afterward because I am considering the same. Best wishes.

  10. Oh my gosh I clicked the link you put for “fanny”, maybe a little warning next time would be nice ;)

  11. Well, I’ve just set up a wordpress blog about my art and design (I’m a graphic designer, which pays for my art-making). It would cost you quite a bit for a logo and a custom-made wordpress skin so maybe swapping to wordpress and adapting a free theme is the way to go. But if you want to get a quote feel free to ask.

    Certainly having more posts would be good as I regularly check out your site!
    fad website

  12. did you say 5 posts per week?


  13. Dang, Dionysus, you got groupies what more you need? Mostly lovely nymphs it seems, where is the satyr in you?

  14. OK, its Easter, does that mean your recent spring break will be over?
    Get to work son, your batteries have to be recharged by now.

    Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories(my new mantra)

  15. OK, how about posting my article on saving the Rodia/Watts Towers? They are the msot important scultprue of the late 20th century, and the most spiritual spot in a godless town. Took my wife last weekend, she practically cried. No one knows about it anymore, and the city is broke and trying to sell it or get someone to run it. Trying to get the filthy rich Getty types to, they run around the world saving yak idols and stupid spiral jettys which actually polluted the Great Salt Lake and messed up its ecosystem into something else, and neglect this in their own backyard. Shame.

  16. Yeah, send it along Donald and I’ll probably post it. Keep the word count down as much as possible and dont insult too many people and all should be sweet.

    A pic or two might be useful too.

    I plan to start working on my plans once i get the design thing sorted.. and moved to another blogging platform. I should get off my butt now!

  17. I’m a list maker too. It’s good for organizing but it is a never ending process. i used to post on my blog every two days but I’ve cut down to every 3 days so i can paint more!

    Jill Stefani Wagner

  18. Anonymous says:

    I rather nejoy your blog. Thanks so much and good luck to you .
    Also I have a perfect person who can deign your logo ..
    Very very easy to work with .

  19. How about at least 5 blogs a month and when will we see an artists profile on Nicola Slattery ? No we don’t want crap posts – you have done more than enough on Hirst/Emmin/Banksy tosh already. Some good stuff please – starting with Slattery? Or some good outsider/convict art – must be plenty of that in the outback?

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