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One of the things that I used to enjoy with Art News Blog before I abandoned it back in 2010 was going through the search engine terms that people used to find the blog. Some are weird, some are funny, many are sexual, and a lot are sick, but they’re still just as interesting as ever.

Here’s a few search terms that caught my eye today..

  • Unicorn Stabbing Teddy Bear – Yes, such a thing exists.
  • Funny Dead Cat Pictures – Maybe they found the dead knitted cat? Still, makes you wonder who would search for such a thing.
  • Cock Art – That could be a big blue cock, or a man painting with his cock, or a cock exhibition.
  • Big Ugly Pussy – I don’t think they meant the feline variety of pussy. “Weird looking vaginas” is another one.
  • Weird Pets – Bioengineered Genpets would fit that bill if they were real.
  • Roadkill Food – Oh, sounds tasty. Is that a new sustainable food trend that I have missed??!
  • Did Andy Warhol Own a Cat? – I have no idea. Did he?
  • Hippy Hitler – And I thought he was a dictator.
  • The Artist Apple – I think they meant the artist Appel, as in Karel Appel.
  • Art Belief and Me – Not sure what they were looking for and they probably didn’t find it.
  • Anal Flute – I don’t think I want to know what that is!
  • Baby Loss Tattoo Ideas – Oh, sad one. Probably didn’t find any ideas on art news blog as I haven’t mentioned tattoos much.
  • Blocks of Shit as Art – Haha, it’s funny because there is such a thing. What is it with artists and their shit fetishes? And who buys all this shit?
  • 15 Great Dog Pisses of Paris – Sounds strange, and it is, but this is an actual title to a Brett Whiteley painting.
  • How to Fix Crack in Floor – Remember Doris Salcedo’s crack in the floor at the Tate? I hope they fixed that problem.

Anyway, that’s my little summary of what you weirdos are looking for. I’m keeping an eye on you people ;-)

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  1. I guess the search for Anal Flute was stimulated by Hieronymus Bosch, who was a dab hand with said instrument, as shown in his The Garden of Earthly Delights. Strange way to get his religious message across!

  2. Oh yeah that would be it. That painting is all about sticking things in the bum!! I couldn’t think how they could have possibly made it to the blog but I now remember doing a post on that Bosch picture.


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