Art News Monday

I haven’t posted much during the past week, so this Monday’s art news round up might be a little longer.. or not. Lets see.

  • Coxsoft Art News points to a Banksy self portrait that set a record for the artist (£288,000).
  • ArtInfo reports that the Chinese-French artist Huang Yong Ping has been accused of animal cruelty, while the gallery director argued for freedom of expression.
  • Dipping into the Blogpond says that Art News Blog is number 61 (changed to 65 now, dammit! lol) on the list of Top 100 blogs in Australia.
  • ArtDaily looks at the boom in contemporary Asian art and an upcoming auction at Christies.
  • Guardian reports that an old couple were caught trying to offload a fake Egyptian statue to a council.
  • ArtNewsOnline asks are you looking at art or the price of art?
  • TimesOnline talks about the popularity of Andy Warhol at auction.
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  1. in reference to: Huang Yong Ping “The gallery said the controversy would be used “to encourage discussions about freedom of expression, power and censorship.”

    Nice little appeal ;)

    “completely ignored the concept and ideology behind this particular art work, citing instead the doctrines of so-called ‘animal rights’ that violently interfere with the rights of an art work to be freely exhibited in an art museum.”

    Yep, I got it, sooooooooo!!!! the question is, does his right to expression override the suffering he has imposed on animals?

    For me the answer is NO!

  2. Congratulations on getting to 61. Happy Birthday.

  3. To be listed as one of the top 100 is quite a honor, congratulations.

  4. The answer is a clear NO for me too Jafabrit. I wouldnt have a problem with the artist torturing himself if he thinks it’s some kind of artistic expression, but if he brings helpless animals into it, I would have a problem with it.

    And yeah, lists are for the ego. If I let my ego do all my thinking, I would probably demand to be number But thankfully I have learned to tell my ego to shutup sometimes. So yeah, I’m just happy that people find my blog at all.

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