Art News Monday

I have missed a few posts as I went away for a couple days to get some fresh air, so here’s what has been happening around the world..

  • The NY Mag asks, has money riuned Art?!
  • Four or Five drunks damaged an important Claude Monet painting at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.
  • WSJ profiles mini collectors that can buy Warhols and Rembrandts with their allowance money. Buying works by Jeff Koons and Jasper Johns wasn’t one of the things I was doing when I was 12 years old.
  • ArtInfo interviews the portrait artist Chuck Close.
  • The Art Newspaper says that Damien Hirst will have to replace a dead cow and calf after it started leaking, this is after he had to replace a dead shark just last year.
  • Haiku for You post – We can see others.. more easily than ourselves.. still, it’s our sight.
  • Another article from the Wall Street Journal.. talks about the large number of important paintings being put up for sale.. and bursting bubbles.
  • Spencer Tunick is shooting nudes at the Sagamore hotel at Miami Beach today.
  • Bloomberg says that Christies and Sotheby’s has guarantees of a billion dollars or promises of minimum prices to sellers for their big upcoming auctions.
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  1. Interesting article “has money ruined art”, but didn’t the art world go through something similar in the 80′s? There seems to be a gorging going on, tis true. As for artforum, I spend ages trying to find the articles in between all the ads. It has gotten really too much.

  2. ps. which translates to meaning I don’t buy it because I resent paying for over 300 pages of ads.

  3. In some art magazines, I find that the best parts of them are the big full page glossy ads of paintings.

    Would be nice to see the price of the art magazines go down if they are going to fill them with so many ads though.

    And yeah, at the end of the day, money isnt an issue in the studio with a brush in the hand.


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