Art News Mondays

In an attempt to do less work than I should, I thought I might just link to others that are doing work. I’m thinking of something like an art news round up each Monday.

I’ll link to posts on art blogs and articles from art publications, so feel free to send me any interesting stories. I probably won’t link to you if you are just trying to sell something, unless it’s a VERY interesting product and you are prepared to send me two truckloads of it (so that I can send them out to readers of ArtNewsBlog of course!! ;-)

Monday Art News Round Up..

  • Coxsoft points to an article at about scammers milking artists with the cash back scam.
  • ArtDaily mentions Tracey Emin’s flag which says “One Secret is to Save Everything”
  • ArtInfo interviews the sculptor Richard Serra.
  • BBC has a gallery of Banksy works submitted by readers.
  • MordernArtNotes talks about the rich, taxes, and art.
  • DesignBoom shows a fuit holder that could be art, almost (by Joung Myung Lee).
  • The Guardian reports that Saatchi is buying Chinese artists like Zhang Dali.
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  1. Hi. Thanks for the plug. Your blog was the inspiration for my angle on that scam, because I recall an artist writing to you about it.
    Re the Tracey Emin flagpole, your ace cub reporter scooped ArtDaily on this story (Saturday) and today I received an extremely interesting comment on it:

  2. great list, banksy :) photos were cool, scam info at coxsoft art, and hum, interesting argument on Modern Art Notes. The donation police get to decide what is taxable or not eh ;)

  3. Yeah, a flag up a pole is a statement of some kind.. I’m not sure what kind of statement it is, but it difinitly is one.

    It got some media attention, so I guess it was success!

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