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Here’s some art news missed, happening, or coming up from around the web. Use my contact details to send me your press release or a link to your interesting art news.

  • The Independent talks about the art of stealing art and why people do it.
  • Your art not selling? Raise your prices.. double them.. triple them.. and sell more art! from Clint Watson’s blog.
  • Helly mentioned that there’s a Banksy exhibition starting this week at the Adipa Gallery in London. It’s an exhibition that is “independent of Banksy and the artist is not involved in any way.” There’s more on it at the Guardian.
  • Here’s Duchamp’s piss trough being referred to as ethereal, pure, virginal and having the qualities of the Virgin Mary from a Renaissance painting. It might be an influential work, but you can only read so many things into a signed urinal before sounding silly.
  • The “From Russia” exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts has created some interesting debate about looted art over at the Art Newspaper.
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  1. I think I can run with Clint Watson’s suggestion, now where’s my calculator..

    In relation to Duchamp’s urinal, it’s half the fun of it that people debate it.

    Alot of artwork requires a bit of lateral thinking when you look at it, it’s a way for the viewer to be involved; although it sometimes alienates the viewer too.

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