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Here’s some art news that I have missed lately. What’s been happening around the world in art and all things art related, which can include real estate, bonds and bananas.

  • Salathé and White auctioned another art bonds painting recently; it sold for $960 USD and can be returned to the artists for 1,369 Euro in March 2009. I mentioned their first art bonds painting here.
  • The Guardian’s Adrian Searle asks “Has big money replaced the pundit as the true authority in the art world?.” I guess art critics must be feeling a little unloved and/or obsolete.
  • Italian born painter Marco Sassone is showing is showing his expressive urban/cityscape works at the Odon Wagner gallery in Toronto, Canada.
  • ArtInfo has done a review of the Armory Show in New York over the past week.
  • ArtInfo also interview Paul Schimmel on selling the art of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.
  • The Geostationary Banana Over Texas project’s “technical feasibility” has been confirmed. They’re now looking to raise $1.5 million to get the project off the ground (pun intended). I mentioned Texas banana project earlier.
  • Speaking of bananas, here’s 7200 of them stuck to a wall. Doug Fishburne also created an 8 foot high pile of bananas in England a few years ago. I think these artists working with bananas are trying to tell the art viewing public something; we’re all monkeys.
  • NY Times real estate talks about an old Andy Warhol apartment for sale. If you want to live where the famous pop artist once lived (from 1959 to 1974) you’ll need about $6 million.


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  1. would you have guessed I just LOVE the big banana over Texas hee! hee!

  2. Well, theyre after funds Corrine. If you have a spare few hundred thousand hiding under your pillow they might print your website address on the banana

    A giant banana in the sky would be something.

  3. $1.5 million for a helium ballon! They’ve got to be joking. I can’t see this notion taking off. So I’ve done my own Banana Over Texas. It’s free.

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