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I’m probably one of the last people in the world to own an Apple iPod but it’s better late than never. I bought an Ipod Classic which has 120gb of storage on it. If “gb” doesn’t mean much to you it simply means it has more storage than a lot of personal computers and can store a LOT of songs.

I bought it as I desperately miss my CD collection when I’m not at home. I’m planning an extended road trip around the South East of Australia (Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, etc.) and I plan to take my whole music collection with me on my iPod.

Art and Artist PodcastsIn a few days I have put on about 90 albums, 40 audio books, and have just discovered podcasts. I have subscribed to philosophy, zen, science and a couple art podcasts so far, but I would like to find a few more art podcasts so I decided to create a list and ask for recommendations.

Art Podcasts

Tate Podcasts: Many major art museums now have podcasts with art lectures, artist interviews, discussions, and talks on exhibitions. The Tate museum has quite a range of art podcasts at Tate Podcasts.

Art History Podcast: Learn Out Loud’s art history podcast has brief look at masterpieces from the history of art at LearnOutLoud.

The Guardian Culture Podcast: Art interviews, news and exhibition reviews from the Guardian newspaper in the UK at Guardian Podcasts.

Bad at Sports Podcast: Arts podcast out of Chicago talking about contemporary art, music and books. Interviews with artists, curators, critics, dealers and others at BadatSports.

Note: Add your podcast to the comments below if you would like your art podcast added to this post.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. You are asking too much! I just got a cell phone, misplaced it again today, left it home recharging, damn gizmo nuisances. But need it for the business. Some of us Luddites will only go kicking and screaming into the gadget future and only what I must have. Just now buying CDs to replace all the albums I got, just bought John Coltrane’s Coltrane album, and one by Cassandra Wilson, New Moon Daughter is her best, but this is great too, many of her others uneven. But get em, if you want spiritual, this is it. Get Coltrane’s Crescent and A Love Supreme and you will have the most passionate religious music of the 20th century, by far the most intense. Want to use them in the Chapel i am getting a proposition together for the Vatican. Cardinal Ravasi like the triptych, now, can i seel it to an art school grad in charge of the Venice Biennale? Not a pleasant thought.

    I am so discouraged by the incredible lack of passion and knowledge of art of the gadget generation. I am flogging, er, blogging down them Brits at The Guardian constantly. Its hard to be spiritual when you got BFFs by the thousand on facebook, its an addiction, and life is never truly felt anymore. Look at the girl at ArtFagCity blog, the attention span of a sparrow, so dont go too far with this stuff. Quiet is essential to hear and develop the soul. Otherwise you are bombarded by the thoughts of others, and never develop your own, or acquire knowlege, just data all the time.

    One must hear the earth, the water, the sky. And go over things you have experienced with mind and soul, as your body travels the earth. Enjoy, but truth is what you seek, not just seeing different stuff. Its all the same basically, we are all made of the same stuff. Most travellers I have met are incredibly naive, and only hagne wiht the same types of people, and learn nothing. Just fun, and avoiding responsibilitites.

    This is a workng vacation for you, so drink it all in, and make sense of it in those quiet times, we need them. And have fun. But let nature be your guide, not hyper and overrated human communication devices and ideas. Use all five senses, and your passions. There is no art with out it. No matter what art schools teach about “conceptualism”, which are tiny human self absorbed thoughts, which block out god and nature. That is what you will find, if you listen. Man says too much already. So much jibber jabber, so little worth saying.

    art collegia delenda est

  2. If you’re interested, my arts collective has just published the first episode of our ongoing podcast.

    It’s called the VoxInforma podcast (named after our collective) and in it we interview local talent in Southern California, mainly focusing on poets and musicians (as their mediums lend themselves more readily to bare audio).

    We have an interview with a communist political poet up for our first episode, and in two weeks we’re dropping a new episode featuring a very talented musical duo from Claremont.

    Each episode has samples of the artist performing their work as well as question and response sessions.

    The episodes run nearly an hour long, so they provide plenty of content to listen to.

    Since you have an iPod (and therefore iTunes), you can follow this link to check it out in the iTunes store.

    By the way, the podcast is of course entirely free.

  3. Chance Randel says:

    If it’s not too obvious …

    GestaltenTV is in the podcasts portion of the store. It’s also available in HD.

    There is also Vernissage which captures my interest from time to time.

    There was an interesting gallery in a rural W state (Wyoming? Wisconsin?) called 716: Fine Arts that used to run a podcast.

    I hope that helps.


    Iconomaniacs: a podcast for the love of art. Join two intrepid art historians as they do what they do best – gab about visual art and culture in an irreverent, but insightful and (hopefully) interesting banter in about an hour.


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