Art Studio of Garric Simonsen

Here’s another artist’s studio. This is the workspace of American artist Garric Simonsen. If you like Cy Twombly or Willem de Kooning you’ll enjoy browsing through Garric’s work on his website.

Art Studio of Garric Simonsen

Artist's Studio of Garric Simonsen

Art Studio with Art Supplies

See Garric’s paintings and works on paper at his Website Here.
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  1. Ah! At last you’ve found a studio which looks worse than my place. A hell of a lot worse! Are you sure it’s a studio? Looks more like a squat after a police raid. I don’t think I’ll bother with his “art”.

  2. I didnt think it was that messy Ian. It has nothing on Francis Bacon’s studio.

    I have to share my studio with tools and machinery which makes the place look like a mess, but you forget all that stuff when you pick up a paint brush.

  3. Looks like his paints and ‘crayons’ are well past their best before date too. They look ready for the bin….and the ‘artwork’ too!

    Although I could argue that they are already there! Disgracefull working practice.

    I recommend having a ruddy good clear out son and starting again.

  4. Dang, and people call me a hater. I am far more strident when it come to the overall scene than individuals, who can change and grow, the scene too dead to bea anything even remotely called art.

    This guy is a baby, cant be very old, and doing work much better than what i see in many name galleries here. He will grow, we hope, as should we all, and mature. But he is developing a language, a better balance will mostly likely come, and I see he usually uses his edges better than say twombly, which is modern, using the entire surface, not single focused, or reliance on particulars. Still a little young manish, but then, he is

    And i dont see his workspace being any worse than mine. Who cares? Looks like he didnt fancy it up like some others did, just showed it as is. Whatever works, and is comfortable towards execution. Keep on working young man. And get out as much as possible, its a big world ourtside the tiny art one. The more you can bring into the work, beyond just college idealism which really just shows self absorbed naivete, the stronger the work will become. Go for it.

    art collegia delenda est

  5. I enjoy seeing these pictures of people’s studios. I don’t see much reason why a studio should be too tidy either. I think a studio is a place where you can get messy. It’s also a place where you can make whatever you feel like regardless of whether you decide to show it to anyone later.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting pics of peoples studios – it is very encouraging to see how different people make their art spaces work for them. I don’t understand the criticism of this artists studio … it is what he likes and it works for him. What else matters? I look forward to seeing more studios posted here. I may even get a few photos of my space put here as well. It is a tiny space in my house! I wish I was able to have a big space to work in, but I am very part time, and I make what we have work for now. Betty in Maine

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