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Stampington has released a new quarterly magazine called “Artful Blogging”. It’s a magazine that focuses solely on artists publishing creative blogs and online journals.

Their first issue looks at the work and blogs of more than 35 artists. Here’s a few artists that I liked (with links to their blogs)..

artful blogging magazine

Kellene Giloff of Stampington says “Most magazines today are moving to the internet, not the other way around. We’re excited to cut a new path by taking these online art adventures out of cyber space and putting them into beautiful, full color print, giving blogging fans, artists and crafters something permanent to hold in their hands.”

They’re also accepting submissions from artists to be featured in upcoming issues of the Artful Blogging magazine. Their two requirements are that your blog has been online for more than 6 months and that you have high resolution images of your work available. There’s more details towards the back of the magazine.
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  1. That looks very well designed and definitely worthy of a read. There was a momentary panic when I thought I would have to mission it into London to pick up a copy, but I’m cheered (and surprised) to see that one of the 12 stores in the whole of England that stocks the magazine is in the quiet Oxfordshire town of Wantage – less than ten minutes away from me!

  2. Yeah, it’s a well designed magazine Seb.. very pretty.

    There’s not many places to pick up a copy in Australia either.. and postage isn’t cheap.

  3. Those of us who blog feel that we are on the cusp of some sort of emerging change. The publication of this book indicates that blogging is becoming s real force. Maybe someone should form the democratic union of art bloggers – but maybe that would be against itself. I expect a few doco’s or a spot on Arts Sunday (Aust,) on Art Blogging soon. Like musicians, visual artists want to bypass the usual methods of self promotion. But they also want to take advantage of new technologies to socialise their work.

  4. It’s becoming quite the thing to do David.

    Imagine if Vincent van Gogh had blogs around when he was splashing about with paint.

  5. Yes if Van Gough had a blog one day you would log on and it would say ‘today I cut off part of my ear’. LOL

  6. lol.. would be fascinating.

  7. Vincent would have cut off a virtual ear and he would not have typed LOL.
    Besides he would be on Zoloft and be a millionaire.

  8. Interesting to see a paper based magazine promoting a digital media…am sure this will encourage more artists to the virtual world…a good thing I think….also in Australia but will look into sourcing it…

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