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richard prince and artinfo

Art gossip for the day: Richard Prince thinks the ArtNews magazine is a piece of shit, Art Forum has some nice advertisements but still kinda sucks, ArtInfo is full of shit, and Frieze Magazine seems to focus on art that’s made of chickens. I have to admit that I stopped buying art magazines a few years ago, so I’m thinking things haven’t improved or Mr Prince just wants some attention.. or both.

My main issue with art magazines, apart from the ridiculous prices of most of them, is that arts writers try to place themselves above the art. If you’re doing much more than writing about the art that you can see in front of you, well, your time would be better spent quietly sitting in a corner by yourself. Most art critics just need a hug and be told that they’re special and still matter, then perhaps they would get back to the job of talking about the art.. is it good or bad, and why? I don’t care how special or clever the writer is, I’m really only interested in the art.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. An ArtInfo blog watches what Richard Prince posts about it, and then posts about it, which I find rather funny. I do like the ArtInfo website though (even if I do hate the annoying advertisement they’re displaying at the moment.. it’s distracting enough to avoid the site almost completely for now!!). The ArtInfo website and the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones blog are usually my first stops for art news. See what Richard Prince is saying on his blog at the ArtInfo blog here or see it straight from the horse’s mouth at the Richard Prince blog here. I like Prince’s website too.. it’s clean, easy to navigate and shows a good selection of his art.

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