Artist Press Kits for Media and Art Galleries

Art Fag City (Paddy Johnson) recently posted some good tips for putting together artist press kits and press releases. She points to a number of posts and articles online that offer some good advice on the topic..

There’s a list of tips by Jen Bekman, some good advice from Edward Winkleman, information on sending press releases to bloggers and art critics from Tyler Green, and some more tips at Art Fag City. It’s probably best to start with her post here though, as she talks more about each link.

I mentioned Justin Gignac’s artist press kit and his success with selling New York City garbage art earlier, which is worth checking out.

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  1. great tips and links and yikes a reminder to redo mine.

  2. It’s something that most artists hate thinking about, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to eat, pay the bills AND paint full time.

    Playing the starving artist gets dull after a few years.

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