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I have been spending quite a bit of time in the studio lately, which is one reason why I haven’t been updating the blog as much (the other reason is laziness). I’m painting a bit of everything with no real focus, but I’m having fun which is the most important thing. I counted the paintings I’m working on at the moment and found that I have 21 pictures in various stages of completion, so I’m definitely not starting any new ones until I start finishing a few!

What does your studio look like? If you send me a few (smallish) photos of your art studio I might post them. I love seeing other artist studios, it’s like reading the artist’s diary.

Here’s a few pics from this afternoon..

painting studio
T-bone steaks, mince meat and potatoes.

artists studio
Paintings and easel.

paint brushes
Paints, brushes, and phone.

dog in studio
Tiger comes down to check on me and remind me that I have to feed her while her owner is away.

landscape in studio
Landscape, Melbourne scene and meat.

self portrait in studio
Self portrait (in need of a shave).

portrait in studio
Portrait and box of canvases.

painting studio
Sydney cityscape.

Here’s some of my older paintings online.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Are you working larger now? I like the Melbourne one, all of them actually, looks more agressive and free than before. And you msut be hungry, your poor old dog sure is, all that raw beef lying around and nary a bite. Cruel.

    Why are you shown with a bullet in your forehead? Lets not get all artsy suicidal now, you got countries to explore. At least let the headhunters get a shot at you first. A little true wilderness might do you good.

    Dont have a stupdio, but have a back porch, screend in, and garage to store it. Like taking them into the back yard and seeing if they hold up with nature, just read that Braque liked to do that. If I can compare with real life, then i got a shot, but my backyard is damn nice. Tomatoes are ripening.

  2. She’s actually on a diet as she was turning into a ball, but I have been feeding her well while her master is on holidays.

    And it’s not a bullet hole Donald. You would think that living where you do :-P It’s my attempt at introducing color actually. I needed an excuse to use my expensive tube of orange and the portrait was the first thing I came across.

    Taking them out of the environment you paint them in is a good way to seperate yourself from them, which helps to look at them a bit more objectively. Nature is something I wouldnt like to compete with, she’s just too damn good.

  3. As long as you arent getting homicidal down there on your walkabout, been shooting roo’s?
    Nice blue in the eyes too. Paul Newman would be proud.
    You do seem to be getting more expressive with your brushwork, comes with confidence and experience. Nice.
    And our rep is bigger than our bite. Snoop Dogg was baggin groceries up til his first CD came out.
    Frontin, these children are stupid here. All want to appear to be hard, though there are some who truly are. Quiet in my neighborhood though my youngest did almost get killed twice nearby. Damn kids are stupid. Then they grow up and seem to get over it, or are in jail. Crime is going slowly up, inevitable as people become broke and homeless. A sound economy is always the best peace maker.
    So stay strong in the bank account, and get back to walking when you feel the urge, glad the painting need hasnt gone away.

  4. I have never been roo shooting but people do it here. I had friends when I were younger that used to do it and they would always try and get me to go with them, but I struggle to kill a mouse. If I was killing for my survival it would be a different thing, but killing for fun is rather morbid in my opnion.

    Also, I think my painting has changed because I no longer think about selling them Donald. They no longer have the responsibility of paying the rent or putting food on the table so they can be what they want. The only problem I have found with painting what I want is that I havent stuck to any theme or topic.

    Also, people dont need a bad economy to revel in crime. It’s people being people. We havent made that evolutionary jump yet and we may never do it as being ruthless has got us to where we are on the food chain.

  5. Creative artists should always be experimenting, those like the woman above are more professinal than creative. Very good at what she does, consistent, dependable, and very nice. But doesnt go for home runs. which is a must to become better, and actually connect on a few, with lots of strike outs and blooblers in between. Sorry about the baseball analogy, for you cricketeers.

    And by doing so one comes up with many styles, and evolves, according to ones own development, and the world around us. I got at least four, and want to do more, but time is restrictive, as I work for a living, Which cuts down time, but gives much more freedom. And more subject matter to draw from. Doing, not talking about others doing. Thats life. And why you are now getting more creative, and yes, evolving.

    Disagree with you about the crime issue dionysus. I told a Polish woman i worked with that crime would skyrocket in poland as the iron curtain fell. The economy would grind to a halt as it convereted from a command system to socialist/capitalist. And as the big dog criminals, those who ran the country before and would not allow any competition, fell, new tyrants and thugs rose up, and from wihtin their old ranks too.

    With unemployment, poverty, and lots of young men with nothing to do or money in pocket crime would baloon, and it did. Whenever you see three or more young men standing around during work hours, you are in a bad neighborhood. It is natural to seek monies, for honies, and stuff. They will take what they feel they are entitled to.

    Though there is also a cultural issue, which we have with this glorified gangsta crap, so many who dont need to get into it, though usually briefly as they see it is truly about rats fighting for scraps. The white collar criminals already got the biggest hauls, and allow the street vermin to take the rest, unless it becomes too much nuiscance and they sig the police on em. Street andolent crime are visiable and cant be tolerated, but those who steal behind the scenes truly drag us all down invisibly, There are, always have been, andn always will be thieves at all levels, classes, and occupations, its just the rich got lawyers and can avoid detection, or get off when caught.

    Gotta run, actually sold a few big paitings, and have another show in a coupla months. but not getting ahead as my hours have been cut to 30 a week, most of us are getting hurt by this, just staying off the streets is the goal now, til we stabilize and start to grow slowly again next year. Its bad. And those without will take, one must survive, and some will become career criminals. Thanks Bush. The rep for the biggest crimnals of em all. Follow the money.

    art e politicos delenda est.


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