Artists Getting Business Savvy

The Art Newspaper spoke with the British artist Keith Tyson about how artists are starting to take control of their career, rather than simply handing the reigns to the art dealer and hoping for the best. It’s a theme that comes up more and more lately.

Here’s a couple quotes from the article..
“Galleries will promise you the world in terms of production costs but it comes at the price of complete control. There’s a conflict of interest in having the people who retail your work being the same people that help you with production because they will try and own it.” Keith Tyson Quote

“The bottom line is that you need to be in the centre making the decisions with the gallery working for you, rather than vice-versa.” Gavin Turk Quote

I have no sympathy for the art dealers. I appreciate that running an art gallery is a tough business, but I’m happy to see them lose some of their power over artists. Most artists will probably still stick to the traditional artist/gallery relationship, but it’s good to know that you don’t have to sell your soul to one art dealer if you don’t want to.

The Internet and business superstars like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons haven’t been good for traditional art dealers. It makes me think of the music business and their unwillingness to change.

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  1. oh no, bite your tongue, you mentioned DH AGAIN! LOL!

    I have been lucky in that both galleries that represent me don’t put any pressure or try to control or demand anything. Having said that though I am so glad I am not dependent on them. I love doing exactly what I see fit to do as as an artist.

  2. I promise not to mention him again for the rest of the year!! ;-)

    And yeah, I wouldnt bother picking up a brush if I thought I had to please others. I’m going to start painting dog shit whenever I feel that I’m being pressured to paint a certain way

  3. I would heartily join you, ArtNewsBlog, in painting dog sheeze because apparently a lot of people like it.

  4. it’s depressing, you know, being a human being, an artist at that, surrounded by the world and nothing but greed, hate and everything vile,
    If I were God, for sure I’d destroy my creation out of regret

  5. There’s nothing like being free to do with your work the best way you find fit.

    We simply need to stop feeding any greedy dealer who just sits back and makes a fortune off our creativity.

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