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I can’t honestly say how useful this application is as I don’t own an iPhone, but it sounds like a good idea. It’s a free application (I believe there is also a pro version for a small fee) available from iTunes which guides you to art museums, exhibitions and galleries around the world. If it does what it’s supposed to do it would be a must have for art travelers.

“Admittedly, we are still missing lots of info, but already have over 12,000 artists and 2600 galleries in our system – but we can only be as good as the people who provide us the info… Anyway, we developed this tool to make navigating the art world easy and hope that more and more people are going to make use of it.” hopnear

artnear for the iphone
Find out more about the artnear iPhone application at the hopnear website here or look for it in the iTunes store.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. If that really works it would be awesome…

  2. This sucks. For me, the best thing about the old headset redordings was when groups came in, the tours all went together in herds, meaning I could slide in to see works I wanted unhurriedly, and then move on to others when the lemmings came. This way at even bigtime promoted shows I could still get a little peace and quiet to get to know the paintings.

    Now, people can go at their own pace. Great for them, bad for me. :(

    technology delenda est

    Of course, my wife has an iphone, but no way in hell would I let her use it when she has the best guide in the world at her side. :)

    I will email you my article on female body image, for the magazine. You know how i love to image the feminine form. But its for young ladies, so I kept it clean.:)

  3. I have this app and have found it to be very useful. The good thing is I emailed them so see if they could add some local galleries and they replied and said they would, after about a month they were added!

  4. Sounds cool. Just need to get an iPhone. LOL.

  5. Hi Dion,

    I really like your answer the social role of art – I think your answer is spot one!

    Lovely interview and lovely blog!

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