ArtReview Magazine Gone Web 2.0

The ArtReview magazine has gone all interactive online with their new beta. I haven’t joined their new online community or spent much time on it yet, but it seems to be a more serious attempt to embrace the Internet than any of the other websites owned by major art magazines.

Throwing up pdf files of the printed magazine and charging fees that come close to the cost of the magazine in the newsagency has been the norm for most art magazines around the world. So it’s refreshing to see something different.

ArtReview says the new site is a “unique blend of community and editorial content, combining expert artworld voices with the input of artists and enthusiasts from around the world.”

Here’s what the ArtReview marketing blurb says about the site..

> Find exciting new artists
> Post your artwork, blogs, videos and audio
> Follow headline contemporary art news via RSS feeds
> Daily dispatches from the artworld’s major centres
> Create your own discussion groups and forums
> Features, reviews and magazine archives
> Find the galleries that represent the artists with ArtFinder

Find the new online art community at

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  1. Looks really good :)

  2. Thanks Dion for the news on ArtReview Magazine. As you’ve noted many of the online art magazines leave much to be desired, being nothing more than a marketing tool for the hardcopy. I subscribe to a number of art magazines (Art in America & ArtNews are two) and visit ezines as well (including and

    Art News Blog too!

    ArtReview looks promising.

    Hi JafaBrit!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a longtime fan of ArtReview Magazine but I think they need to be more careful about how they run their networking site. They have spammed me three times on two different email accounts in the last week alone. One of the email addresses is only listed on another art site I’m on. That leads me to assume that they are harvesting emails from what they consider rival art sites. That is not the best way to go about growing a site. People are not fond of leeching like that and my guess is that eventually a site like Wired will nab the story if this is happening often. Needless to say, my opinion of ArtReview is not what it once was. I find the site to be slow also. I realize they are in beta though.

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