ArtReview Magazine’s Power 100

The ArtReview magazine has released its annual list of one hundred powerful people. There has been quite a bit of movement on the list this year with a whole bunch of people moving up, down, on, and off the powerful 100.

Damien Hirst lost his number one position that he held last year, moving out the top ten to eleventh position this year. The French François Pinault is the most powerful person in the arts industry this year.

There’s even a search engine on the list! Google came in 100th position on the list and this is apparently not a joke. Google’s powerful, but should it really be on the list of one hundred powerful people? Why not put God on the list too?

I’m not doubting the power of Google (or God) in the arts industry, but I’m not sure what it’s doing on this list. If it was seriously a part of the list, it should be number one as Google empowers and benefits millions of artists, gallery owners, collectors, art students, and consultants everyday!

Here’s the Top 20 that I got from the Guardian here..

1: François Pinault, owner of Gucci and Christies, also owns around 2,000 pieces of contemporary art which he displays in his private gallery in a Venetian palace
2: Larry Gagosian, dealer, five galleries around the world
3: Sir Nicholas Serota, director, Tate Modern
4: Glenn D Lowry, director, Museum of Modern Art, New York
5: Samuel Keller, director of the Art Basel art fair
6: Eli Broad, Los Angeles-based collector and philanthropist
7: Charles Saatchi, collector and gallery owner
8: Matthew Slotover & Amanda Sharp, co-publishers of Frieze magazine and co-directors of Frieze art fair
9: Bruce Nauman, American artist
10: Jeff Koons, American artist
11: Damien Hirst, British artist
12: Brett Gorvy & Amy Cappellazzo, international co-heads of post-war and contemporary art at Christie’s, New York
13: Robert Storr, American curator
14: Iwan Wirth, Swiss dealer, part of Zwirner & Wirth
15: Marian Goodman, New York-based gallerist
16: David Zwirner, New York gallerist
17: Gerhard Richter, German artist
18: Marc Glimcher, New York gallerist
19: Jay Jopling, owner, White Cube gallery, London
20: Mike Kelley, American artist

See the list from 2005 and 2004.

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  1. Dion Archibald, I suppose, is number 101? I’m sure next year you will be in the top 100. Anyway, I start my online day with Art News Blog.

  2. Yeah, just missed out!

    I wish you was one of the artreview judges Karl ;-)

    It seems like a very subjective list that could be easily influenced by the people compiling it.


  3. Hello Art News Blog,
    Please send me an email for information on a proposition relating to a new Art magazine online startup.

  4. No women artists? Hmmm.


  1. Power 100 says:

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  2. […] first four influential arts people on the list are the same as last year and Damien Hirst is the first artist to appear (6th), followed by Jeff Koons (13th) and Richard […]

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