Painting with Acrylics

The Canadian artist Robert Genn is discussing the use of acrylic paints in his latest newsletter, and how some people look down on them. He mentions that it is artists that use oils that do most of the criticizing.

I personally wish I did like acrylic paints as they are so much more convenient, but they just don’t excite me. Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time with them, but any acrylic paintings I have done have come out flat and lifeless.
The biggest issue I have with acrylics is that I love texture, but it just doesn’t come out the same as oils. The drying time between layers also suites my way of working, as I like to slowly build up a bunch of paintings at once.
And perhaps the history of oils plays a small part of my love of oils. Even the smell of oils is comforting..Continue Reading