Banksy Pet Store.. and Charcoal Grill in New York

I generally don’t like art that preaches to me or tells me that I’m doing something wrong. There’s enough people in the world trying to force others to live or be like themselves, so I like my art to be art.Continue Reading

Adel Abdessemed’s Don’t Trust Me Exhibition Cancelled

The San Francisco Art Institute recently cancelled an exhibition by the Paris based artist Adel Abdessemed called “Don’t Trust Me”. The controversy surrounding the SFAI exhibition involves 6 looped videos of animals being hit in the head with a sledgehammer. The animals being killed include a sheep, pig, horse, goat, deer, and ox.Continue Reading

Animal Rights Artist Angela Singer

There’s a post over at the Cool Hunting blog about the New Zealand based artist Angela Singer.

“While a strident activist against all forms of animal cruelty—including vivisection—much of her recent artwork is made from discarded hunting trophies and other taxidermy that strives to illuminate human exploitive tendencies of the rest of the animal kingdom. It’s a chilling effect; these carcasses highlight how grotesque natural beauty can become after suffering at the hands of humanity.” Cool HuntingContinue Reading