One Thousand Paintings and Money Series Creators

The Australian artist Anthony White of the Money Series paintings and the Swiss artist Marcel “Sala” Salathe of the One Thousand Paintings series have teamed up to create painting bonds.

A bond is basically a loan with an agreed figure to be repaid upon maturity. So, the Bond paintings are bought at a price (determined by an eBay auction), and Anthony and Sala will agree to buy the painting back for a price.Continue Reading

Stock Ticker Symbol Paintings – WOW

I think it helps to know the subject that you paint. For example, if I was a farmer I would probably paint cows and chickens because it’s what I would know best. But what would I paint if I was a stockbroker in a past life?… Stock ticker symbols!!Continue Reading

Five Dollars Auction on eBay

A single digit painting from the Money Series by Anthony White is currently being auctioned on eBay. The $5 painting is from the US dollars series. It was originally sold by Anthony for 5 US dollars, but the highest bid is $385 at the moment (with 6 days of bidding left).Continue Reading

Money Series Painting

I recently received a new painting to add to my small but growing art collection. It’s called 7 Euros by the Australian artist Anthony White. Seven Euros is currently worth 7 euros, including postage and handling ;-)
I asked Anthony some questions recently about his money series of paintings and how he started painting money.Continue Reading

1000 Paintings

I recently asked Anthony White some questions about his money paintings, and have come across an artist in Z├╝rich, Switzerland doing something similar. Maria pointed out the one thousand paintings site, where Sala is creating 1000 numbered works for sale online.
It’s an idea that is getting a lot of attention online.Continue Reading

Artist Anthony White Interview

The Australian artist Anthony White was recently working as a stockbroker for Credit Suisse First Boston. Early this year he quit his day job as a stockbroker to take up painting full time. He hasn’t completely left the money industry behind though, as he is now painting it.

I asked him a few questions about his money series that he is currently working on..Continue Reading