Pizza Hut Box Design Competition

Sticking with the multinational company art competition theme, Pizza Hut has a global design competition where you can design your own pizza box. For the next six months there will be a monthly prize of $1,000 and at the end of the competition the overall winner will have their design printed on a Pizza Hut box.Continue Reading

Nike Art Competition 1/1

Nike has launched a new annual art competition called 1/1. You have to be based in Europe and be over sixteen to enter. The winner will have the chance to exhibit at the Basel Art Fair and will design a limited edition pair of Nike Dunks, which I assume is a pair of shoes made by Nike.

The competition is open to everyone from filmmakers and photographers to graffiti artists and illustrators.Continue Reading

Red Bull Art of Can Competition

Here’s an art competition for those hard working artists that use Red Bull to keep them going in the studio; it’s the Red Bull Art of Can competition. It’s not for everyone, but for the artists that drink their product (I have personally never tasted it) and those that don’t mind mixing with the corporate world, it could be good.Continue Reading

Bank of America Pays for Museum Entry

I usually delete any emails that have “Bank of America” in the subject as they’re usually just scammers phishing for my details (and I don’t have a Bank of America account anyway!). But I opened one today (as it seemed legitimate) and found an interesting story.

Bank of America will be paying for your entry into 86 different museums throughout America during the month of May. The only catch is that you have to have a Bank of America credit or check card or MBNA credit card. According to the bank, there are potentially 74 million customers eligible to take advantage of this offer.Continue Reading

Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Coxsoft reports that the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition was splashed with oil on the weekend. (there’s a photo of the vandalized photographs at his blog).

The annual event seeks to “find the best wildlife pictures taken by photographers worldwide of all ages.” The Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year award is sponsored by the Shell oil company and is held at the Natural History Museum in London.Continue Reading