Shepard Fairey Sues The Associated Press

Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama campaign poster is still in the news even though people now refer to the subject as President Obama. Fairey has filed a lawsuit against The Associated Press, requesting the judge to state that he is “protected from copyright infringement claims.”Continue Reading

Stealing Images Online

Robert Genn’s latest Painter’s Keys newsletter is discussing copyright online and mentions them awful copyright notices that artists put all over their work.

“Those imprints are called “watermarks,” and while they give the copyright holder a feeling of security, they don’t deter Chinese clone shops from helping themselves. They don’t deter others, either, and it is photographers, particularly, who know all about it. Some pirates think we are living in the last days of copyright and they want to get to the New World. Using low-pixel images will certainly deter someone from making a direct giclee from your image, but no technology will stop somebody making a hand copy of anything you put out there.” Continue Reading

Art Fag City’s Cease and Desist

Those with a blog or website should be interested in the discussion over at Art Fag City where the estate of Helmut Newton has sent Paddy Johnson a cease and desist letter. She posted a nude Naomi Campbell photo by the fashion/erotic photographer Helmut Newton when she mentioned a Naomi Campbell retrospective at the upcoming Art Basel Miami in 08.Continue Reading

Interested Your Artworks… Kindly remove my name from you List ASAP

One of the problems with trying to do something good is that the people trying to do something bad don’t like you. Having an artist scammers list means that artists will appreciate it, while art scammers won’t.

I have received emails and someone left a comment about a person called “Bikram Shrestha” sending them the usual scam letters, so I listed the person and their email on the list. The artist said that a “whole group of woman artists” received the same letter from this emailContinue Reading

Artist Royalties

There has been more talk of an artists royalty scheme in Australia, where artists (or their family if they are dead) receive a small percentage each time their work is resold in the future.

The Sydney Morning Herald says “It (the government) is determined to introduce a resale royalty scheme this year giving artists a percentage of the sale price whenever their work is sold. The details have yet to be finalised but some industry bodies have called for a flat rate of 5 per cent on all sales and for the royalty to apply to all works sold for more than $500. That would mean an artist who sold a work 10 years ago for $500 could reap up to $10,000 if it was sold again for 200,000.”Continue Reading

Robert Rauschenberg Sues Artist

I read the title of this story on the Art Newspaper (Rauschenberg sues artist for selling his trash) and didn’t think nice things about Rauschenberg. I thought it must be a rich and famous artist releasing his lawyers on a poor struggling artist because the hounds needed to stretch their hairy legs.Continue Reading

British Art Gallery Sues Artist

The Art Newspaper has reported that the British artist Sarah-Jane Szikora is being sued by her former art gallery, Halcyon. The Halcyon gallery was taking up to 75% of the sale price of works sold by the artist, which makes me think that the artist might be able to afford legal fees now that she should be putting 25% more of each sale in her own bank account. I know that art galleries have a lot of operating and marketing costs, but isn’t 75% of each sale a bit greedy?Continue Reading

Salander-O’Reilly Galleries – Lawsuits Galore

Robert has pointed out an article in the NY Times about the art dealer Lawrence Salander and his Salander-O’Reilly Galleries. A judge has closed the doors of the gallery as dozens of wealthy clients have lined up to sue the high profile art dealer. Everyone from John McEnroe to the landlord of the gallery (RFR Realty) are seeking claims.

In the NY Times report, Lawrence Salander says that the claims have been made by “friends of mine or people I thought were friends, all of whom have always been paid for the pictures I sold for them. I’ve paid my bills for over 40 years in this business and I will continue to.”Continue Reading

Anselm Kiefer Work to be Removed

In Connecticut, a collector of the German artist Anselm Kiefer has been ordered to remove an outdoor sculpture by the artist.

The 2002 work called “Narrow Are the Vessels” is 80 foot long, 6 tonnes in weight, and consists of 17 pieces of concrete.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade Trial

The Painter of Light’s court case has been making a little progress. Here’s a previous post on Thomas Kinkade and his “ritual territory marking“.
Dark clouds gather over ‘Painter of Light’
“A court-appointed arbitration panel has ruled in favor of two former owners of Kinkade-branded galleries, ordering his company to pay them $860,000 (£500,000) for breaching “the covenant of good faith and dealing” and failing to disclose pertinent business information.Continue Reading