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If you want to increase the chances of your art news, exhibition announcement or amazing products being posted on Art News Blog you have to first understand that I live in a world where the days are only 24 hours long. In that 24 hours I also have to find time to brush my teeth, put clean clothes on, and browse cat pictures on the Internet, so I’m always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. If something is really hard to do I’ll generally leave it for later, which really means never ever. Here’s some ways to make things easier for me..Continue Reading

ANB on the Encyclopaedia Britannica Blog

Art News Blog will now have an article posted on the Encyclopaedia Britannica Blog from time to time. I even have my own profile page here. I have a little giggle to myself when I see my name on a list of real writers. Most of the others on the list seem to have books published and/or have “Ph.D” after their name. So I feel a tiny bit inferior as I didn’t even finish my arts degree and have never wanted to be a writer.Continue Reading

10 Things I Love About Having an Art Blog

After having a vent yesterday with my “Ten Things I Hate About Having an Art Blog” list, I realized that I don’t hate having an art blog at all. Actually I struggled to come up with ten things, but I couldn’t stop at six or seven things as it would have looked like I wasn’t trying hard enough.

So, as a counterweight, here’s Ten things that I love about having an art blog..Continue Reading

101 Artist Blogs List

Kim of the LakeTrees art blog has posted an updated list of her top 101 artist blogs on the web.

Here’s a list of the last few artist blogs on the list, as the first few blogs on the list seem to have enough links.Continue Reading

List of Art Blogs

Wow, 2008! I thought I better get back on the bike and post something before I get too comfortable sitting around reading, watching television (pay TV is an evil brain deadener), listening to music, and playing with the dogs.

My main goal for 2008 is to notice and acknowledge each day, each hour, and each minute. I feel like I missed most of 2007 as I now think back on it as a blur. The blurring effect wasn’t from too much red wine either. I think it was from spending too much time in the past or the future and forgetting about now.Continue Reading

Art News Blog Comments

One of the great things about blogs is that you can share your own opinions on the posts, with comments. They add so much more depth to any blog, especially Art News Blog. But the beauty of allowing anyone to comment also opens the door to people that are out to scam and take advantage of blogs.

Blog spamming or comment spam is done by unscrupulous people trying to promote their products (usually things like pills, viagra, financial services, etc) by linking to their scammy websites. Often it is automated to randomly publish their links on blogs that don’t have spam protection measures in place.Continue Reading

Art Blogs of the Moment

Almost every man and his dog now have a blog, so I thought I would share a few. A lot of them come and go, as that just seems to be the nature of blogs, but there’s also a lot of blogs that just keep going.

This is not a “best of” list of art blogs, they’re just a few blogs that I have been reading more recently. Feel free to leave your favorite blogs in the comments.

Update: the list of art blogs has been shortened considerably as so many have just stopped posting over the years. Continue Reading

Genius Artists

Mushtaq Bhat of Germany was moved enough by the comments on the Self Absorbed Geniuses post to start his own blog at the age of 54. The post was about the Rebels and Matyrs exhibition at the National Gallery in London, and how artists are often self absorbed and create their own myths.Continue Reading