ArtReview Magazine Gone Web 2.0

The ArtReview magazine has gone all interactive online with their new beta. I haven’t joined their new online community or spent much time on it yet, but it seems to be a more serious attempt to embrace the Internet than any of the other websites owned by major art magazines.

Throwing up pdf files of the printed magazine and charging fees that come close to the cost of the magazine in the newsagency has been the norm for most art magazines around the world. So it’s refreshing to see something different.Continue Reading

The Artist’s Magazine Online

I stole this news from the Coxsoft Art News blog.. The Artist’s Magazine has started publishing an online edition of their publication here. It’s free for now, but I can’t see that price lasting.

The Art Newspaper’s free online version that I mentioned a couple weeks ago now has a subscription fee of 45 pounds per year.Continue Reading

Artful Blogging Magazine

Stampington has released a new quarterly magazine called “Artful Blogging”. It’s a magazine that focuses solely on artists publishing creative blogs and online journals.

Their first issue looks at the work and blogs of more than 35 artists. Here’s a few artists that I liked (with links to their blogs)..Continue Reading

ArtNewsBlog in the Artist’s Magazine

I finally got a copy of the June edition of the Artist’s Magazine! I had been meaning to get a copy since the start of June and it’s now getting closer to the end of July, so it just proves that I have a problem with procrastination.
Art News Blog was lucky enough to get a mention on the “TechnoByte” page in the Artist’s Magazine, where three art blogs were profiled.Continue Reading