Italian Artist Killed in Turkey

The 33 year old Italian performance artist Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (Pippa Bacca) was recently killed during her “Brides on Tour” project. The artist was hitchhiking through Turkey in a white wedding dress to promote peace in the Middle
East. 38 year old Turkish man Murat Karatas was arrested for the murder and sexual assault of the artist.Continue Reading

Relative of Vincent van Gogh Killed

I’ve heard of people being verbally abused or even imprisoned for their art, but being killed for your art is a little extreme. Theo van Gogh (no, not Vincent’s brother) caused outrage in the Dutch Muslim community when he made a controversial 11 minute film about a Muslim woman that was abused in an arranged marriage. An obviously deranged psychopath has decided he did not like the message Van Gogh was spreading and has attacked and killed him..Continue Reading