Autistic Art – Bee’s Knees

autistic artists

It’s places like Bee’s Knees that make me think art is so freaking great.. the art and the people wash away all my misanthropic thoughts for the day. I’ll watch the news or see a politician later and all the old thoughts will come flooding back of course, but for now, I love people and art. Bee’s Knees is a small group of turned on people working with autistic artists to create original ‘masterpieces’ to sell online and at various markets and galleries. All the profits then go towards art supplies and some ‘totally rad adventures’ for the artists.Continue Reading

3 Year Old Autistic Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy Iris Grace

Every few years there seems to be a new child prodigy pop up. Back when I was active on Art News Blog there were the 4 year old painter Marla Olmstead, the 11 year old Akiane and a few others. The new kid on the block is only 3 years old. Iris Grace Halmshaw is also autistic and hasn’t started talking yet.Continue Reading