Abby Martin and Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement

abby martin of breaking the set rt

I don’t support ANY movement or organization anywhere, but I do love troublemakers that poke sticks at hornets’ nests. Abby Martin of RT (Breaking the Set) recently spoke with the Zeitgeist movement’s founder Peter Joseph about crazy artists and how we’re a danger to the system that relies on submissive robot people. They’re my words not his, but basically that’s what he says ;-) Continue Reading

Marc Quinn’s Gold Kate Moss and Blood Self

Neither of these stories are new, but I thought I would mention that Marc Quinn’s solid gold Kate Moss sculpture has been unveiled and the National Portrait Gallery in the UK is hoping to buy his 2006 version of “Self.”Continue Reading

Marc Quinn to do Kate Moss

The English artist Marc Quinn plans to imortalize the supermodel Kate Moss as the “Aphrodite of our age”, with five bronze sculptures. Quinn has created a bit of a reputation for doing things a little differently. He is the artist that made a cast of his head using his own blood and the 3.6 meter tall marble sculpture of disable pregnant woman (Alison Lapper) that is currently on display in London’s Trafalgar Square.Continue Reading

Blood Art

Art made of blood has been taken off Ebay. The online auctioning mega-portal does not accept the sale of human body parts, and classifies the works in this category. The works were inspired by the 9/11 events with the gallery co-director of the artist having this to say.. “The blood, mixed together and applied directly to the artworks as pigment, symbolizes … victims, violators and voyeurs observed by the impartial artist, traumatized by passionate religious/political extremist acts of violence since 9/11. We knew this was a contentious subject and the use … of human blood would be highly controversial, to say the least.” the starContinue Reading