Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue Perfume

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s birthday, Bond No.9 is releasing their next Warhol inspired perfume, making it their third release to date. I had a whiff of their Silver Factory and Union Square perfumes inspired by Andy Warhol, and liked them both.Continue Reading

Andy Warhol Fragrance

The New York perfume maker Bond no. 9 has released another Andy Warhol fragrance in their ongoing series of Warhol smells. “Andy Warhol Union Square” is the name of their newest bottle of pop perfume.

I’m not much of a perfume connoisseur as I really only have the last bottle of Andy Warhol perfume to compare it to, but I have been inspired to smell nice (most days of the week). Both the design of the bottle and the smells have improved from the first release, which was called Silver Factory by Bond No. 9. The new perfume bottle design looks more like it could have came straight out of the Warhol factory.Continue Reading

Andy Warhol Perfume

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Miss Piggy all have a perfume of their own. Now Andy Warhol will have a celebrity perfume too, when the New York fragrance makers at Bond no.9 release a perfume called “Silver Factory” in December.

It’s a collaboration between the Andy Warhol Foundation and Bond no.9 (known for making New York neighborhood scents). This is the first of a series of Andy Warhol inspired perfumes that are being produced.Continue Reading