Lascaux Cave Paintings in France

An anonymous comment mentioned the Lascaux cave paintings on an earlier post about a sports art prize, so I thought I would see if there’s any good websites on them. I found one on the French government’s culture portal online here. There’s a “Virtual Visit” which shows paintings in each of the cave rooms (or are they called crevices? sections?.. there’s probably a word for a cave room.. Batman would know it.)

The Lascaux caves were discovered in 1940 by some teenagers chasing after their dog called Robot. They were opened up to the public, but like everything else we touch, we were destroying them. So they were closed to the public in 1963 and were restored. More recently there has also been a fungus causing damage in the caves which is believed to have been created by an air conditioning system that was installed in the caves. The cave paintings are estimated to be 16,000 years old.Continue Reading

Buddha Art Found in Caves

A team of researchers have found some impressive new Buddha art in a cave in Nepal. There are 55 panels depicting the life of Buddha and they date back to around the 12th century.

They were found with the help of a sheep herder from the region. He was taking shelter from the rain several years ago and saw the paintings.Continue Reading