RED Auction for AIDS Raises $40 Million

Contemporary art has showed that it has a heart by raising more than $40 million to help fight AIDS in Africa. Bono, Damien Hirst, Sotheby’s, and Gagosian Gallery organized the (RED) auction on Valentine’s day, where leading contemporary artists from around the world donated major works to auction for the cause.Continue Reading

Charity Art Auctions

ArtInfo has recently looked into the good and bad of charity art auctions. They have asked if they are the place to pick up art bargains, or are they a good place to offload lesser works?

Barbara Guggenheim says “Many charity auctions are put together by companies that sell the charity on the idea that they’re going to auction off Chagalls and Dalis and such, and split the profits with the charity some way,” Guggenheim said. “Those auctions are filled with low-quality material—if not fakes. Other charity auctions are filled with things that collectors want to get rid of, or lesser works by artists who’ve been imposed upon. Because that’s the rule, you shouldn’t expect to find serious material there.” ArtInfoContinue Reading