Child Prodigy Marla Olmstead Now

child artist prodigy olmstead

Remember child prodigy Marla Olmstead? She was the 4 year old painter that captured the media’s attention back in 2004. She sold a whole bunch of paintings and prints, had a few exhibitions, was on 60 Minutes, and there was also a documentary made on her called My Kid Could Paint That. I believe her larger paintings were selling for amounts in the tens of thousands but I couldn’t find any record prices that she sold for. Well anyway, that was 10 years ago which would make her about 14 now.Continue Reading

10 Year Old Mini Hirst

10 year old child painter

Ok, I have been posting too many child prodigy posts lately but somebody keeps showing me new precocious little artists and I really do think we grown ups could learn something from them. I promise this will be my last artist prodigy post for a while though. Kieron Williamson is 10 years old and has sold almost 1.5 million pounds worth of paintings!Continue Reading

Indian Child Prodigy Shorya Mahanot

6 year old child prodigy

It seems child prodigies are becoming more common by the day. I recently mentioned the 3 year old artist prodigy Iris Grace Halmshaw and looked at what grown up artists could learn from the mini artists. Well here’s another artist prodigy, a 6 year old boy from India named Shorya Mahanot.Continue Reading

5 Lessons Grown Up Artists Could Learn From a 3 Year Old

3 year old Child Prodigy

The amazing thing about a lot of these child prodigies is their prodigious marketing and business skills. I know they’re usually compared to Monet, Picasso or Pollock, but the artists they should really be compared to are Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The amount of publicity these child prodigies receive in one year is more than most working artists will receive in a lifetime.Continue Reading

3 Year Old Autistic Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy Iris Grace

Every few years there seems to be a new child prodigy pop up. Back when I was active on Art News Blog there were the 4 year old painter Marla Olmstead, the 11 year old Akiane and a few others. The new kid on the block is only 3 years old. Iris Grace Halmshaw is also autistic and hasn’t started talking yet.Continue Reading

Marla Olmstead Documentary – My Kid Could Paint That

I finally watched the Marla Olmstead documentary that people have been commenting on in earlier Marla posts here, here, and here. The comments that people have left on earlier posts are very FOR or AGAINST the little “child prodigy” with very few neutral opinions on the whole saga. I still think the art critic Clement Greenberg got it right when he said..

“In visual arts, prodigies don’t count. In music and literature, yes, but not in art.” Clement GreenbergContinue Reading

Child Painter Marla Olmstead

Last night there were a few new comments on some earlier posts about the child painter Marla Olmstead, which made me think that the media must be talking about her somewhere. But I was tired and went to bed without checking if it was anything worth mentioning.Continue Reading

Finger Painting Child Prodigy

Here’s a video of a finger-painting child prodigy working on a Ninja Turtle picture. My bet is it’s a fake.. but stranger things have happened. There’s a link to the website at the end of the video, which is very commercial, which possibly confirms my suspicions.Continue Reading

Child Prodigy Adora Svitak

I have noticed the name of “Adora Svitak” in the comments of several child prodigy posts on Art News Blog, so I thought I better find out who she is. She is a 9 year old writer that has been labeled a child prodigy. Adora published her first book at the age of seven, called Flying Fingers.Continue Reading

Child Prodigies

I’ve noticed a few child art prodigies popping up on the internet lately. Marla Olmstead has been mentioned before on artnewsblog, as the 4 year old art prodigy, and for being featured on 60 Minutes.Continue Reading