Cup of Coffee

coffee painting

I painted a few cups of coffee last year because I really like coffee! I’m now trying to quit the stuff, which is probably why I’m looking back over my coffee paintings. This is about the 5th time I have tried quitting coffee and I really have no faith in my ability to stop just yet. That sweet smelling bean keeps calling me back. Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Art

samsung galaxy note 2 art

Up until very recently my mobile/cell phone was an old Nokia brick that didn’t know what the Internet was. When it finally died on me I decided I would get with the times and upgrade to a smart phone. I didn’t want an Apple iPhone as everyone seems to have one.. and me being me had to go with something different. So I went with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because it had a big screen and a PENCIL!!Continue Reading

Coffee Art in a Mug

I like it when my passions cross over. Like when art meets wine or when nature meets art. I have also recently discovered that art has also met coffee! I wouldn’t say that coffee is a great passion of mine, but I can’t ctop drinking the stuff, so I must have some kind of connection with it.Continue Reading