Art Auction in Iran

modern art in iran

The thing that I like most about maintaining Art News Blog is the different art that I see each day. It gets me out of my comfort zone and I look at art that I wouldn’t have otherwise looked at. I couldn’t tell you the name of one famous Iranian artist but that doesn’t stop me from having a browse through an Iranian art auction being held in Tehran on the 28th of this month. Actually I can think of one famous Iranian artist: the photographer Shirin Neshat.. or is she American? I’m pretty sure she was at least born in Iran.Continue Reading

Toothpick Portraits

For those that are thinking about getting their portrait painted, but want something a little different, why not get a toothpick portrait? ;-)
The San Francisco based artist Steven J. Backman creates sculptures and wall pieces made of toothpicks.Continue Reading

Artist Belinda Eaton Interview

I recently asked the contemporary artist Belinda Eaton a few questions about her art. She was featured on the Star Portraits with Rolf Harris television program from the BBC.

1. You were recently featured on the “Star Portraits with Rolf Harris” program on the BBC. How was that experience?Continue Reading

Contemporary Art Auctions

Sotheby’s mention in a recent article that contemporary art sales are reaching the heights previously only reserved for impressionist and modern paintings. Recently departed and living artists are now frequently reaching prices above $10 million at auction.
In the recent May sales by the big three auction houses (Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips) there was a total of $432,080,560 worth of contemporary art sold. That’s $432 million! I wouldn’t know how to count that high!Continue Reading

Contemporary Artists Online

Here’s a selection of some super-fantastic contemporary artists online. I browse the Internet quite a bit, and am always bookmarking sites in my favorites, so I thought I might share a few. I mostly like figurative, expressionists artists but also like everything from completely abstract works through to tight, detailed illustrative type works.Continue Reading