Bootlegs by Eric Doeringer

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Damien Hirst Butterflies Controversy

Anonymous posted a comment on the Damien Hirst exhibition post recently, accusing Hirst of stealing the butterfly/stained glass idea from another artist.

“Before it has even opened, there’s a growing controversy in Los Angeles regarding the pending exhibition by Damien Hirst at Gagosian Gallery, and the the similarities between Hirst’s work  and that of L.A.-based artist Lori Precious almost identical pieces have been in museums and galleries from London to New York to L.A. for more than ten years, including a one-woman show back in the Nineties. While “appropriation” is the vogue in contemporary culture, more than almost any other recent instance this raises the question of when something stops being appropriation and becomes something more dishonest. Hirst uses the exact same material (butterfly wings), wedded to the exact same idea (recreations of stained-glass windows) and the exact same form (mandala) — all to the exact same end as Precious’ work.” Anon CommentContinue Reading