Amazon to Sell Art Online

Amazon to Sell Art is planning to start selling art online again according to the Wall Street Journal. They plan to sell more than just posters and prints though, they plan to sell art with lots of zeroes on the price tags. Their cut for their part in the transaction will be between 5 and 20 percent.Continue Reading

Banksy eBay Fraud

The Art Newspaper has reported that employees of the company that authenticates and publishes Banksy prints “Pictures on Walls” (POW), have been selling unauthorized Banksy prints on eBay. Not only have the Banksy prints been forged with a replica POW stamp and fake Banksy signature, but they have also used shill bidding, where the bids are artificially inflated by friends of the seller.Continue Reading

eBay Art Fraud

eBay may be a great tool for contemporary painters to sell their work online as the paintings usually only sell for hundreds or perhaps a few thousand at most. So investors can afford to take a risk on the work.

But when paintings start selling for very large sums, art collectors seem reluctant to gamble online. One high profile case of art fraud that didn’t help the cause was back in 2000 when a Californian lawyer by the name of Kenneth Walton sold a fake Richard Diebenkorn painting for $135,805.Continue Reading

Artist Makes $25,000 on eBay

In the last post I mentioned how I thought it is pretty important for artists to have good business and marketing skills. A painter that was recently interviewed here is a great example of an artist that understands the value of marketing yourself and creating a brand or an image.Continue Reading

Blood Art

Art made of blood has been taken off Ebay. The online auctioning mega-portal does not accept the sale of human body parts, and classifies the works in this category. The works were inspired by the 9/11 events with the gallery co-director of the artist having this to say.. “The blood, mixed together and applied directly to the artworks as pigment, symbolizes … victims, violators and voyeurs observed by the impartial artist, traumatized by passionate religious/political extremist acts of violence since 9/11. We knew this was a contentious subject and the use … of human blood would be highly controversial, to say the least.” the starContinue Reading