Food Art

fun and weird food art

I was looking for a carrot cake recipe and somehow ended up browsing weird food art creations, mostly created by people with too much spare time I’m guessing ;-) Some of them are pretty cool. I love the first one, the chicken made of eggs..Continue Reading

Faberge Eggs

A pink Faberge Egg has sold at Christie’s in London for around 9 million pounds or 18 million US dollars. It’s an egg-cellent result for the Rothschild banking family that owned it, but an egg-spensive little egg for the Russian tycoon that bought it! (sorry, I couldnt help myself)Continue Reading

Jeff Koons Egg

Jeff Koons will be showing twenty new sculptures and sixteen paintings at the Gagosian gallery in London. The new works are meant to celebrate things like birthdays and holidays.

A Gagosian press release describes the cracked blue egg pictured to the left, in this way.. “With its impressive scale, pure lines and flawless, highly reflective surface Cracked Egg (Blue) resonates with iconic significance.”Continue Reading