Old Chinese Man Worked for Art Forger Glafira Rosales

new york art forgery

The whole New York art forgery saga where Glafira Rosales supplied forged Modernist paintings to art dealers and made millions continues. Seventy-three year old Pei-Shen Qian has been fingered as the painter of the forgeries. Chinese born Qian’s house in Queens is currently empty as he and his wife have recently returned to China, which was normal for the couple, but the NYTimes suggests it looks more permanent this time. Continue Reading

S.H. Raza Exhibition of Fakes

Imagine coming towards the end of your career as an artist. You have achieved a lot of success and important galleries around the world regularly put together exhibitions of your life’s work. The galleries invite you around and treat you like royalty so that you will say a few words at the openings. Sounds like a nice way to spend old age after a lot of hard work.Continue Reading

Art Forger Taking Advantage of Notoriety

The British artist Robert Thwaites is out of prison and looking to cash in on his new found notoriety as an art forger. Thwaites was sentenced to two years prison after he was charged with forging the work of the 19th century painter of fairies John Anster Fitzgerald.

He told the Guardian “It wasn’t a disaster. It was a risk I took and I was pragmatic enough to realise it could all go wrong and that if it did go wrong I would be punished. I deserved it. I wouldn’t do it again but if I can use the notoriety, why not? I love to paint.. And I am very good.”Continue Reading

Fake Vincent van Gogh in Australia?

The National Gallery in Melbourne, Australia may have itself an expensive fake Vincent van Gogh portrait. British experts on the Dutch master have come up with a list of inconsistencies, which point toward the work being a forgery.
Some of the things that experts were critical of were; Vincent didn’t mention it any letters, it is mounted differently to his other work, it has had the lower part of the painting (including the signature) cut off, and it’s the only horizontal portrait by Van Gogh.Continue Reading

eBay Art Fraud

eBay may be a great tool for contemporary painters to sell their work online as the paintings usually only sell for hundreds or perhaps a few thousand at most. So investors can afford to take a risk on the work.

But when paintings start selling for very large sums, art collectors seem reluctant to gamble online. One high profile case of art fraud that didn’t help the cause was back in 2000 when a Californian lawyer by the name of Kenneth Walton sold a fake Richard Diebenkorn painting for $135,805.Continue Reading

Jackson Pollock Paintings Found

The 32 Jackson Pollock paintings that were found in a storage unit have been labeled possible fakes or imitations of the artist recently. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation got Professor Richard Taylor of the Department of Physics at the University of Oregon to examine 6 of the works using “fractal analysis” to determine whether or not the found paintings are by the hand of Pollock.Continue Reading

Brett Whiteley Painting a Fake

A painting signed by the Australian artist Brett Whiteley that was found in a Hobart rubbish tip recently has proven to be a fake. It had the Brett Whiteley signature and claimed to be painted in 1958.

The painting of a rodeo scene was examined experts at the Art Gallery of NSW and proven to be a recent work that has been artificially aged to make it seem original.Continue Reading