20 Famous Art Quotes

famous artist quotes

I have a thing for quotes. Mostly art quotes but I’ll also collect them from whatever topic I happen to be learning about at the time. I used to have notebooks filled with quotes from books that I had read! The Internet made my quotes addiction easier to maintain and manage. Here’s some famous art quotes about money, business.. and stuff ;-) Continue Reading

Marc Chagall Birthday

Google has celebrated the birthday of Marc Chagall with a new logo on their homepage. If I didn’t know it was supposed to say “Google” I wouldn’t know there was a word there, but I think it’s one of their better logos. It represents the artist more than the Google logo.

Marc Chagall born 7 July 1887 – died 28 March 1985.Continue Reading

Quotes about Art

The Internet isn’t working very well for me today, so I didn’t bother looking for any news of interest. I found some good quotes instead.

  • Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it.
    Fernand Leger
  • There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.
    Henry MooreContinue Reading

Quotes from the Global Creative Leadership Summit

In New York recently there was a Global Creative Leadership Summit where leaders from business, technology, government, science and the arts got together to discuss how their disciplines could work together and possibly benefit each other.

ArtInfo got some quotes from two speakers at the event.. Chuck Close and Franceso Clemente. I completely agree with the first quote about inspiration.Continue Reading

Vincent van Gogh Quotes

I got lost in a bunch of quotation sites today, so I picked out some of my favorite Van Gogh quotes. Whenever I read a book I always underline (if I own the book) or write down (if I borrowed the book) quotations that interest me. They’re always great for inspiration when things get tough in the studio.

Anyway, here’s some classic Vincent..Continue Reading

Famous Love Quotes

No art news for today, but here’s some famous love quotes to celebrate Valentines day. First a few by the Sufi poet and mystic Rumi..

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.

Hangovers come with love, yet love’s the cure for hangovers.

Like a thief reason sneaked in and sat amongst the lovers eager to give them advice. They were unwilling to listen, so reason kissed their feet and went on its way.

And a couple love quotes by a couple crazy artists ;-)

I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
Vincent van Gogh

A lady friend of mine asked me, “Well, what do you love most?” That’s how I started painting money.
Andy Warhol

Artist Quotes

After browsing around the internet looking for art news and coming up with nothing much, I decided to just add some favorite art quotes. One can never have too many inspirational artist quotes!

Picasso seemed very aware of the pitfalls of success, and seemed to reinvent himself whenever he started to become too predictable..
“Success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself, and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility.” Pablo PicassoContinue Reading

Famous Art Quotes

Ive always collected art quotes by famous artists. They’re a great source of inspiration and amusement…

“Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”

Andy WarholContinue Reading