Van Gogh’s Destroyed Sunflower Painting


A print of the destroyed sunflower painting by Vincent van Gogh has recently been discovered. The Six Sunflowers work was painted in 1888 and destroyed by the American war machine in Japan in 1945. Let’s hope all the art has already been looted and smuggled out of Syria as that psychopathic war machine has an itchy trigger finger again. Continue Reading

John Everett Millais Painting Discovered

The skeptic in me says that there are no original lost masterpieces hiding in closets or the storage sheds of long lost relatives, but I guess it could be possible.

A British woman has discovered a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite English artist John Everett Millais valued at £50,000. The story is that the 45 year old woman was given the painting as a gift for her 9th birthday and forgot about it until she moved house.Continue Reading

Australian Paintings Found in Texas

Similar to the last post, but much less fantastical, moderately valuable Australian paintings have been showing up in Texas, USA.

This year there have been two Australian paintings bought from Texas thrift stores/charity shops for very small amounts and have been valued by auction houses for much higher amounts.

A John Coburn painting was bought for $45 and is now worth $20,000 and a Grace Cossington Smith was bought for $25 and is now valued at $45,000.Continue Reading

$5 Jackson Pollock Painting for $50 Million

These art lottery stories always make me think about the stupidity of the art market. If money motivated me I would find a lost masterpiece at a flea market every few years. A $5 painting worth $50 million is a wonderful story, but it’s a story that should be in the fiction section. Just because a Jackson Pollock sells for $140 million doesn’t mean that paintings which look like Jackson Pollock also increase in value.Continue Reading

Fra Angelico’s Found in Spare Room

I’m always suspicious of masterpieces being found in garages or spare rooms. If I was an art forger I would use this technique as you get a lot of media attention and you’re not really saying it is by the artist, you’re saying you found it in the garage. The art experts will say it is or isn’t by the artist.

The two small works by Fra Angelico will be auctioned next year and are expected to sell for more than one million pounds.Continue Reading

Jackson Pollock Paintings Found

The 32 Jackson Pollock paintings that were found in a storage unit have been labeled possible fakes or imitations of the artist recently. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation got Professor Richard Taylor of the Department of Physics at the University of Oregon to examine 6 of the works using “fractal analysis” to determine whether or not the found paintings are by the hand of Pollock.Continue Reading

32 new Pollocks Found

32 new Jackson Pollock paintings may have been uncovered in a storage shed in New York. Pollock experts are still yet to decide if they are the real thing. The works are from Pollock’s famous drip paintings period, so if they are genuine Pollock paintings, they could fetch very large sums of money.
Proving the PollockContinue Reading