Sarah Palin Nude

I know that many visitors to Art News Blog like nudes and politics, so here it is in one post: Sarah Palin nude!

Chicago painter Bruce Elliott has come up with a novel way to get customers into his Old Town Ale House bar in Chicago with his nude Sarah Palin picture. The American vice president hopeful for the republican party is shown in a full frontal nude pose, standing on a polar bear skin rug, clinging to an automatic weapon, with a lucky moose still alive outside the window. The moose looks like it’s in a river, but I guess it could also be a pool of oil, so perhaps the moose is stuck and about to die?Continue Reading

Scream gallery improves security

After the daring daylight robbery by masked gunmen at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, they’re upgrading their security at the museum. Among other things, they’re installing new surveillance alarms at the museum. The current system did work and police were at the museum within minutes, but robbers pointing guns at people is always going to be difficult to secure against. Art Thieves took the famous Scream painting and a Madonna painting by Munch.Continue Reading