Adolf Hitler and the Chapman Brothers

Brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have added some psychodelic rainbows and and hearts to their Adolf Hitler paintings that they bought at auction for £115,000 and are now selling them for £685,000. The paintings which will be sold as one work is called “If Hitler had been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be”Continue Reading

Hitler Paintings Auction

People came from all over to get a piece of morbid history at a recent art auction that sold 21 works “attributed” to the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Bidders came from as far away as Russia and Estonia to the Jefferys auctioneer’s premises in the quiet town of Cornwall.Continue Reading

Hitler’s Art up for Auction

A collection of 21 watercolors and sketches by Adolf Hitler will be up for auction this coming March. The auction house Jefferys in Lostwithiel estimates that they will make up to one hundred thousand pounds from the sale.

I haven’t seen much of Adolf Hitler’s art, but what I have seen was pretty un-impressive. The rage of the dictator may have just been an expression of his failure as an artist. If only young Adolf could have sold a few more paintings in his time, or taken to expressionism, he may not of had to lash out at everyone. A little less time mocking the expressionists and more time being one could have let him vent his anger at the canvas instead of the people.Continue Reading

Hitler Pop Controversy

German born American artist Walter Gaudnek has managed to upset people by holding an exhibition of Adolf Hitler, showing him in a more casual and positive way. The artist tried to portray Hitler as human rather than as a monster and members of the Jewish community didn’t find it very amusing. Gaudnek is now taking his exhibition down after just two weeks because of the controversy the works have created. Gaudnek told Reuters.. “I wanted to educate my students on the historical phenomenon of Hitler and show an aspect of him which has got lost over time”.Continue Reading