Australian Artist Gordon Bennett Dies

australian artist gordon bennett

The Australian artist Gordon Bennett passed away on the 3rd of June. Reports have said the artist died of natural causes. Born in Queensland in 1955, of Aboriginal descent, Bennett tackled issues of race in Australia, indigenous heritage, global events, social issues and identity. His work hangs in most art museums around Australia and a number of important collections around the world. Continue Reading

Old Aboriginal Masters

aboriginal bark painting

I’m almost tempted to get in the car and go see this exhibition in Canberra (4 or 5 hours drive) but I’m living in a house with no kitchen, no shower and quite a few missing walls, so I have to get my priorities straight. I’ll leave in the morning! No, just kidding, renovations are ridiculously expensive and I really do want a kitchen. The Old Masters exhibition is on until the 20th of July though, so I could still get there yet.Continue Reading

NAIDOC Week in Australia

Google has celebrated NAIDOC Week with a doodle on the Google Australia homepage. NAIDOC stands for “National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee” and is a week long celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia.Continue Reading

Aboriginal Rock Art Saved?

The Western Australian government has seen the light and will no longer oppose the heritage listing of an area in the Dampier Archipelago, which will save some of the oldest art in the world on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia.

A proposed multi million dollar liquefied natural gas processing plant would have destroyed the thousands of aboriginal paintings and rock carvings throughout the region. The company that would have managed the plant (Woodside Petroleum) has now also dropped its opposition to the heritage listing, in return for a 6.8 square kilometer area to create a “gas precinct”.Continue Reading

Aboriginal Art Industry

The Aboriginal art industry in Australia has seen a dramatic rise in popularity during recent times. With the value of the paintings increasing, corruption and fraud are also increasing.
It has prompted the Australian government to spend an extra $2.2 million to fund the education of artists and their rights, while also educating buyers of Aboriginal art.Continue Reading