5 Lessons Grown Up Artists Could Learn From a 3 Year Old

3 year old Child Prodigy

The amazing thing about a lot of these child prodigies is their prodigious marketing and business skills. I know they’re usually compared to Monet, Picasso or Pollock, but the artists they should really be compared to are Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The amount of publicity these child prodigies receive in one year is more than most working artists will receive in a lifetime.Continue Reading

3 Year Old Autistic Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy Iris Grace

Every few years there seems to be a new child prodigy pop up. Back when I was active on Art News Blog there were the 4 year old painter Marla Olmstead, the 11 year old Akiane and a few others. The new kid on the block is only 3 years old. Iris Grace Halmshaw is also autistic and hasn’t started talking yet.Continue Reading