Art News Blog Search Terms

funny search engine terms

One of the things that I used to enjoy with Art News Blog before I abandoned it back in 2010 was going through the search engine terms that people used to find the blog. Some are weird, some are funny, many are sexual, and a lot are sick, but they’re still just as interesting as ever. Continue Reading

Search Art Keywords

I never know what to expect when I browse through the keywords that people use to find Art News Blog. They range from the funny, to the disgusting, to just stupid.Continue Reading

Banksy Searches

Since installing Google Analytics a couple of months ago I have been spending a lot of time looking at where people are coming from and how they’re getting to Art News Blog. Apart from learning that sex and nudity is more popular than art, I have also learned that people ask search engines some strange questions.Continue Reading

Business Artist Damien Hirst

The Damien Hirst circus is over and was a great success. The first night of the Hirst auction raised about 70 million pounds and the second day raised 40,919,700 GBP, which works out to be about $200 million USD in 2 days.

I don’t care what we think of his art.. love it or hate it.. Damien Hirst is a genius! He makes Andy Warhol look like a hippy with no job or credit card.Continue Reading

Art News Blog Keywords & Google Analytics

I installed Google Analytics on Art News Blog a couple of days ago. It’s a free website statistics program that gives you very detailed information on where your visitors are coming from, how they are finding you, what pages they’re looking at, and a bunch of other stuff that is probably very useful.Continue Reading

Search Terms at Art News Blog

Something I enjoy checking on the statistics page for Art News Blog is the search terms that people use to find the site. They’re not the top search terms.. but they do make me wonder..

I’m also surprised by the amount sex related search terms that pop up. For a (mostly) family friendly blog, I sure do get a lot of non-family friendly search terms. Here’s some of the more mild searches.Continue Reading

Art Blog Search Terms

I sometimes look through the Art News Blog website statistics to see what words people are using to find the site. Some search terms make sense, like “art news” or “art blog”, etc. But some search terms that people use to land at this art blog make me scratch my head. Some disturb me that people would even search for such a term, and some make me wonder how artnewsblog could even rank for the words.
Here’s a few of the more bizarre things that people use to find this blog..Continue Reading