Knitted Dead Animals (Knitting for Psychos)

When I think of knitting I don’t think of unicorns stabbing teddy bears and rabbits with carrots sticking out of them, but obviously someone does. A friend let me know about these disturbing little creations after she saw the roadkill toys. I couldn’t find out who created them either, so I’ll just link to the Flickr page here. It’s called Knitting for Psychos.Continue Reading

Knitted Poo Invites

Tired of your glossy printed exhibition invitations being ignored by your local arts reporters? Why not send them some poo?! Some knitted poo!Continue Reading

Knitted Sweaters for Trees – KnitKnot Tree

Sheep have wool to keep them warm during the cold winter months, but what about the trees? How do they keep warm? Until now they had to just shiver through winter, but now they can also keep warm with wool.

The Knit Knot tree on Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs, Ohio is getting a lot more love from passersby since covering up with a multi-colored, knitted tree sweater.Continue Reading