Paintings for Ants

miniature paintings

I love these works by the South African artist Lorraine Loots. She started out back in 2013 doing a painting a day for a whole year which became the 365 Paintings for Ants project. Her miniature a day challenge was a success and she has continued the practice each year since. In 2014 she produced the 365 Postcards for Ants series where she explored her home city of Cape Town each day. Lovers of her work can bid on the original miniature painting or a very limited edition print of each piece is also sold.Continue Reading

Toothpick Sculpture of the Golden Gate Bridge

I have mentioned the toothpick artist (Steven Backman) before, with his toothpick portraits. He has since been working on larger and more complex toothpick sculptures of boats, cable cars, and bridges, but he has also started going micro.

He has made a toothpick sculpture of the Golden Gate Bridge from 30,000 toothpicks which is now in the “Ripley’s Believe it or not” museum in Hollywood, which can be seen Here..Continue Reading

The Art of Invention : Atomic Art!

There’s an exhibition at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Museum (USPTO) which may require you to take your glasses along with you. “Art of Invention – Invention of Art” opened on the 15th at the Museum in Virginia.

On display will be two of the smallest works of art in the world; “The Quantum Corral” and “The Search For Quantum Chaos.” The atomic-sized images come out of the labs at IBM, using their low temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM). There’s an online gallery of more works and information on the process of how they are made (which I didn’t understand) at the IBM website here.Continue Reading

Lloyd’s Building by Willard Wigan

I found this story over at Coxsoft news, which was posted a few days ago. A miniature sculpture of the Lloyd’s Building by the English micro-sculptor Willard Wigan will be auctioned at the Lloyd’s Building in England.

The picture to the left shows the architect of the Lloyds building, Lord Rogers looking through a microscope at the sculpture. The sculptor and the architect are also shown in front of a model of the Lloyd’s building.Continue Reading

Worlds Smallest Sculpture by Willard Wigan

I saw this guy on the news yesterday, working on sculpture that fits inside the eye of a needle. The English artist Willard Wigan works in-between heartbeats so that he doesn’t destroy the piece he is creating. He uses rice or grains of sand and a surgical blade to create his “micro sculpture”.

Artists are usually trying to get attention by going MASSIVE, so it’s good to see some small art getting attention too, even if it is ridiculously small art. They’re so small that he uses the hair from flies as a paint brush to decorate them!Continue Reading